2007 Yuma HOG Rodeo


By Linda “Deepthroat”” Dahl

What do you get when you mix a sunny day, 100 bikes, an open field, some beer and brats? You get a HOG rodeo! YEE HAW!!!!!!!! I had never been to one, but the pictures on the web site made it seem fun. So I had to see for myself.

Yuma HOG puts this event on every year to raise funds to help them with their charities. It cost a few bucks to get stuff together so they can support all they do in the community.

These guys are crazy! Get a few beers in ‘em and they’ll do just about anything on a bike!

There was a bike show and some boobies being flashed with girls sitting on the really cool bikes. Whenever I needed to find my old man, I just glanced that way and sure enough he was there taking pics of them boobies. There were a bunch of skill riding events like pickin’ up road kill with a net (maybe that’s what we had for lunch), pushing a keg in a straight line with the front tire & tire toss.

While all the events were fun it wasn’t until the weenie biting contest that things really heated up. If only they would have heated up them dogs. Steve, one of the members of the Yuma HOG’s asked me to hop on the back of his bike and give him a hand (or should I say mouth). Well I had to represent! Couldn’t let CD down on this one. I watched carefully as one after another tried and missed. One girl got it down. (she’d won several others and later I found out her dad has been taking her to these rodeos since she was a little tike.) So here I go on the back of Steve’s bike and we slowly approached that weenie and wham, it went straight in my mouth. YEAH BABY and I took the whole thing. Wouldn’t you know it, my claim to fame – weenie biter! I even got the plaque to show for it.

Brian & Davelyn and the rest of gang from the Yuma HOG Chapter promised it would be a memorable event and they delivered in style. Thank you so much for your hospitality.