Yard Built XSR700 “Rural Racer” by Velomacchi Creator Kevin Murray Fuses American Moto Heritage with Modern Innovation

Yard Built XSR700 “Rural Racer” by Velomacchi
Creator Kevin Murray Fuses American Moto Heritage with Modern Innovation

Cypress, CA – April 19, 2018 – Since its creation in 2011, Yamaha’s Yard Built program has consistently broken new ground, leading the industry with unique and inspiring collaborations with some of the world’s top custom motorcycle builders. Following a series of successful builds over seven years, Yamaha has again broken new ground, collaborating with premium gear company Velomacchi, who builds innovative, high-quality tools for high-speed adventure travel.
Yard Built XSR700 “Rural Racer”
Located in Hood River, OR, the heart of the mighty Pacific Northwest, Velomacchi was founded in 2015 by Kevin Murray, who spent 15 years designing and developing world-class products for global brands. “VELOMACCHI” was named as a combination of two Italian words: VELOCITA (Velocity) + MACCHINA (Machine), focusing on bringing quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and unique solutions to problems that face riders every day.
The custom XSR700 designed and built by Velomacchi showcases state-of-the-art technology and performance with a flavor of vintage American garage-grown heritage. Every feature of the XSR700 “Rural Racer” is fully customized including front and rear Race Tech suspension, Yoshimura exhaust, and DJI drone technology.
Shun Miyazawa, Yamaha’s Motorcycle Project Manager, is one of the driving forces behind the Yard Built program, working continuously to find external creative forces to collaborate with to keep innovating. “Kevin and I have been friends for some years, primarily based on our mutual respect for the other’s belief in the importance of craftsmanship in the construction of our products,” said Miyazawa. “Yamaha Sport Heritage motorcycles are built based on the ‘Faster Sons’ philosophy, and Velomacchi shares a respect for traditional, timeless design, blended with innovative, cutting-edge technologies to create products that combine the best of both worlds. We have been talking about a heritage-inspired, modernized rural race bike for years. The XSR700 ‘Rural Racer’ represents the heritage-inspired vibe people love, while also delivering 21st-century technology and unrivaled performance.”
Inspired by the riding environment in the Pacific Northwest, the “Rural Racer” project celebrates backroad adventure, rural exploration, and speed. The bike is built around Yamaha’s 689cc cross plane parallel twin engine, renowned for smooth and consistent power delivery, powerful torque, and hard acceleration. The XSR700 “Rural Racer” features a specialized Yoshimura R&D exhaust with a newly designed catalytic converter that allows for more power and lighter weight and is environmentally compliant in all 50-states.
Kevin Murray, Founder of Velomacchi, designed the bike for aggressive backcountry riding in variable weather and demanding terrain. Set in the small town of Hood River, OR, Velomacchi is surrounded by rugged fire roads and imposing hills that make up the Pacific Northwest.
“The XSR700 is truly a new kind of bike,” commented Murray. “Built around the legendary 689cc cross plane parallel twin, the versatility and lightweight flick-ability are its strengths. Riding it feels playful, and it takes no work to slam it down into a corner and point it wherever you need to go. It feels as easily controlled as much smaller bikes.”
Regarding the overall design purpose, Murray continued, “The XSR700 is an excellent platform for Northwest roads. The detachable subframe provides enormous flexibility to tune your bike specifically around your riding style, environment and cargo. Whether commuting during the week or blasting off for a 2,000-mile weekend, the XSR700 gives you the tools to custom build your ride. You can easily strap one of our high-speed duffle bags to the back of it and take off into the woods for a weekend.”
Integrating modern technology in unique ways is a hallmark of the “Rural Racer” project. The bike features drone technology from DJI that includes a drone mount on the fuel tank for rapid overhead deployment. The purpose of the drone is to help in scouting camping spots, analyzing riding stance, and locating riding buddies. The DJI Mavic Pro has a compact airframe, carries a 4K HD video camera, weighs 1.62 pounds, has an 8-mile range, and a max speed of 40 MPH.
The modified rear subframe combines the fender, tail light, turn signals, and license plate holder into one detachable unit for additional carry space when an extra fuel cell, tool roll, and duffle bag are necessary.
Aftermarket suspension leader, Race Tech, hand built the G3-S rear shock and front fork to accommodate aggressive backcountry riding and allow infinite flexibility to tune the ride by weight and environment.
· Desert Racing Headlamp with modified lo/hi Beam
· Detachable Rear Subframe to carry extra fuel cel, tools, and duffle
· Custom Italian wheels with patented tubeless construction
· Race Tech Gold Valve suspension upgrade in front forks
· G3-S Custom Rear Shocks by Race Tech
· Custom leather 3/4 seat with hand cut letters DJI Mavic Pro (4K HD) mounted on fuel tank
· “Works” custom dual exhaust by Yoshimura R&D

To learn more about the XSR700 “Rural Racer” Yard Built motorcycle, visit: https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport-heritage/pages/yamaha-yard-built-xsr700-velomacchi
To find out more about Velomacchi, visit: https://www.velomacchi.com/
About Yamaha’s Yard Built Program
Yamaha Sport Heritage motorcycles are designed & built with the “Faster Sons” philosophy: “Inspired by the past, built for the future.” Descended from the heritage of motorcycling’s past, today’s “Faster Sons” represent both the motorcycles and the riders who respect iconic Yamaha designs while continuing to push performance forward.
In this spirit, Yamaha also established an initiative to support custom bike-building globally. In garages and backyards all over the world, Yamaha owners dream of creating their very own customized motorcycles. Yamaha’s “Yard Built Project” seeks to enable these dreams by asking talented customizers to provide inspirational ideas on how to transform modern Yamaha models into “Yard Built” specials.
Many builders will not only inspire Yamaha owners with their ideas, but will also make custom parts and accessories available to help owners turn their dreams into reality.
About Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS)
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