Working Class Heroes

By Mike “Spike” Sayer March 3rd, 2007 San Diego, CA

The core of San Diego kicks ass and asks no questions! The famous Dublin Mob (of Dublin Mob Choppers Fame) hosted their 2nd Annual Open House – Rock Party to a standing room only crowd. Only the coolest of the “working-class” cared enough to attend a party that can only be compared to the annual block party held by the Indian Larry Legacy in Brooklyn.

The lot was lined full of hardcore rides built with forged steel tools, welders, grinders, innovation and mechanical know-how. Shannon and his beautiful wife Mindy were on hand to see some of the hardest working bunch of mobsters maintaining a peaceful but heart-pounding level of tolerance to some excellent BBQ, cold beer and outstanding “live entertainment” featuring four talented bands, all mixing up different but original sounds.

The Bleeding Irish started the mix with a fully-stringed Irish Folk Style with their get-to-the-point message of aggression and heat felt warmth accompanied with a stand-up bass, two guitarists and a banjo. I was impressed with their passion and the way they aroused the interest of the crowd. Next up was Nicky D and the Whiskey Dicks. Nicky opened with a slow solo acoustic number that ran straight into a kicking ass jam that had him jumping all over the stage in a manner reminiscent of David Lee Roth of Van Halen (when they kicked ass). Being somewhat of a musician, I hear every beat and these guys were right on time in every number that gained energy and momentum as they played.

After a short break the Mob awarded some prizes from raffle tickets and assisted by the foxy ladies of Lucky 13 Apparel. Soon the next band was ready… The Stilettos, a three piece combo that were thru and thru rockabilly to the core. Again these guys delivered a performance under the hot San Diego Sunshine without incident and every lick sounded great. Shannon and his lovely Lady hit the dance floor and cut the rug (concrete) to the amazement of the every green-clad mobster on hand. The guitarist and band leader seduced the crowd like a Rock Star should and had women throwing their stiletto heels (and other unmentionables) up on stage! After the final set of The Stilettos the crowd swelled and was at it’s peak. There were slammed hot rod sleds parked all over the place and motorcycles were everywhere.

The final band, Cash’d Out set up on the stage and the crowd became more anxious. I was not sure as to why they were getting tense but I soon realized what was happening when the lead singer of Cash’d Out took the stage. The band started in on a very familiar Johnny Cash riff with his signature style and beat. When the Man in Black walked up to the microphone and opened his mouth to vocalize the song, the crowd roared with enthusiasm! These guys sounded like the real Mc Coy and if you didn’t know that this wasn’t really Johnny Cash, you would swear that it was! Their performance brought in more and more people filling the Dublin Mob’s work area turning it into Mobapaloosa!

This event is one not to be missed by anyone who likes to mingle with the real working-class and wants to have a great time. Don’t miss their next event and look for the Dublin Mob at any event, I’m sure you will be as impressed as I was.

The Dublin Mob, owned by Shannon McKnight and McKnight Welding, builds plain and simple, down and dirty (clean & mean) Choppers and original style Hot Rods. They do everything in house and are very good at creating original designs using ordinary parts and pieces that are traditionally not intended for the use on motorcycles (check out the six-shooter led tail light… and shot gun shifter). Theses guys do it right only aim to please the true heroes of the world… the working class!