Women Who Ride – Verlea

Girls Just Wanna Have Bling

By Linda Dahl

Verlea is a cool chick I met at the Harley dealership a while back and when I saw this bike, I just had to get the rest of the story. She is married with a large blended family. Her baby is 10 and a really great kid. Her husband is VP of an international company. But his “golf” is painting bikes (explains the awesome paint job) They turned their garage in to a paint booth for him to make dreams come true for a few select people.

Originally from Idaho, Verlea came to Arizona in 2005 to enjoy our warmer weather and never shovel snow again. Once here she found a passion for riding because there are so many wonderful riding days for those of us in the southwest. She really started noticing female riders in Sturgis ‘06 which is what inspired her to pursue her endorsement.

She got legal in ‘06. Her first bike was Dyna Superglide. She started on this bike because it was convenient. It was her husbands and he was riding something else. After some paint and a little bling, she found an ‘07 Road King that needed her attention. It was kind of a funky factory color that just would never stand up to a girl with such unique style and need for bling.

I meet a lot of girls in my travels and most of them like a little bling. But this bike is like a tour through a museum. Let’s start with the color. Hot pink on hot pink ghost flames. Look carefully in the pictures to see these flames. I tried to capture these flames but like I said they are ghost flames. Now let’s get in the detail of the bling. They are true Swarovski crystals imported from Austria. They are all over this bike. Let’s start with the handlebars…

The clutch and brake levers are of the female silhouette with the bikini area and pasties done in the crystals. Then the gas and the brake cable have the crystals inlaid where they meet the grip. The billet style mirrors match the air intake cover with the center ring in crystals. There are a lot more crystals down the front forks that you could spend a long time searching for.

Then we get to the tires. Look closely and you will see the brake calipers blinged out, but the most obvious detail is the heart shaped bolt covers, and you guessed it, bling!!! Now let’s move to the tank, once you get past the coolness of the hot pink you will find crystals on the hinged lock cover. On to the motor, you will find crystals on the air filter cover, the primary cover, derby cover, the flame shift linkage and her personal favorite – the horn cover, has even more sparkle. I could go on forever!! This is just a sampling of where you will find crystals. I swear, you really need to take your own tour.

You can often find Verlea’s bike in the biggest bike shows in the west. If not, just look for the sparkle cruising down the road, it’s hard to miss.