Wildfire H-D

The first weekend in April in Chicago is usually rainy or snowy or a combination of the two – not 70 degrees and sunny. But this year Mother Nature was on the side of the riders. The sun was shining as we kicked off the 2008 riding season to Chicagoland at Wild Fire Harley-Davidson in Villa Park, Illinois.

The doors opened at 9 a.m. on Saturday and quickly thereafter the riders began to roll in. Bikes lined the streets for blocks and several area parking lots appeared to be hosting bike shows. Throughout the weekend several thousand party-goers enjoyed a weekend of biker antics, spicy BBQ and cold beer at Wild Fire’s Annual B-Day Bash. Through the roaring sound of loud pipes the AC/DC tribute band Downpour rocked the afternoon and kept the party-goers attention until the last song.

The festivities raged all weekend long as the weather Sunday was just as beautiful as Saturday. Everyone had a great weekend at Wild Fire H-D.

James Wallish, Marketing Director for Wild Fire Harley-Davidson, made the promise to keep the kegs pouring and the music raging all summer long. “This is what makes all the hard work worthwhile – to see the bikes on the road and the riders having fun, after all isn’t that what ridings all about? Having fun and enjoying the freedoms granted to us?” stated James about the weekend’s activities.

You can stay updated with all of Wild Fire’s parties and rides by logging on to their website at www.wildfirehd.com.  So, Wild Fire kicked off the season with a loud bang. Get out and ride hard this year. I think you’ve all earned it after the winter we had to deal with this year.