Vote for BikerDown

In this world of upcoming elections…I wonder sometimes if my vote really matters.  On Monday, October 26th at 12pm mountain time, I can honestly say your vote will matter if you make it for BikerDown Foundation.
Unlike politics you can VOTE 1x per day/everyday from the 26th of October thru November 5th.  How can that be you say?
I have entered into a contest with Orange County Choppers called Dream Chopper.  I was chosen as a contestant and if I get enough votes I can move to the next round of the competition.
BikerDown has the a chance to win
  • Dream bike, personally designed by Paul Teutul, Sr. from Orange County Choppers!
  • The winner will also be featured in an upcoming episode alongside Orange County Choppers, AND
  • Receive a feature on the cover of Cycle Source Magazine.
My goal for this competition is not to win a bike for myself.  My goal is to win a bike for BikerDown, designed for motorcycle awareness and to STOP DISTRACTED DRIVING, which is the the #1 motorcycle injury for motorcycle riders.
We will use the bike at driving schools and at schools for new drivers to try to get them to stop Texting & Driving and to Watch for Motorcycle riders!   We will show this bike at bike nights, rallys and events and lastly, we want the bike to stand out on the road so that MAYBE, just MAYBE someone might put the phone down while they are driving.
We ask for your vote by clicking on this link starting tomorrow at 12pm EST.  Please share this link with all your friends on your social media.
I am sure the competition will be intense and we are asking for your help to get thru the first round of voting.   Thank you so much for opening this email and standing with BikerDown this year!  Our riding community has experienced epidemic number of accident victims and BikerDown is here to do our best to help you with your recovery.
Laurie Montoya
President, Founder
BikerDown Foundation