Vintage Introduces NEW Electric Bike: The 2020 Cafe

Using 2020 Vintorque™ Drivetrain Technology, Vintage Electric Creates Its Most Powerful Pedal-Assist Electric Bike Yet

Santa Clara, CA (March 12, 2020)- Vintage electric bikes are known for crafting high-performance e-bikes while simultaneously creating a bygone-era aesthetic design complete with modern technology. Vintage is proud to present their newest electric bike, the 2020 Cafe, for any rider looking for the ultimate commuter bike. The Cafe features a versatile design and classic style, but is engineered for optimal performance to ensure a smooth ride no matter how long the journey. Crafted to produce a surreal level of speed, your commute just got amplified.
“The 2020 Cafe was not engineered in relation to other pedal assist bikes. It was benchmarked against our powerful 3000w throttle bike line,” Andrew Davidge, founder of Vintage Electric says. “We wanted to ensure that all of our models could ride together in a class of their own.”
When designing the new Vintage 2020 Cafe, the overall look features distinct original details. Classic finishes include supple leather handles while the all new wood inlay, made of either maple or walnut, offers a beautifully individual look to the Cafe. Incorporating the smallest details, Vintage is offering two colorwaves, Golden Gate Red and Skyline Bronze. Both colors are named after the beautiful scenery in Northern California offering even more character to the design.
The Cafe also features Vintage Electric’s latest upgrades in technology, including the innovative new 2020 Vintorque™ Drivetrain Technology. The pedal assist input, which includes Vintage’s most finely attuned torque sensor ever, reacts instantly and seamlessly to the motion of your feet melding you to the machine. The instant you need power, you’ve got it, resulting in a super-smooth ride, be it uphill or a long straightaway. The Cafe’s bluetooth-enabled controller guarantees frictionless integration between all components, pumping up performance and power for the top-of-the-line 750-watt rear-hub motor.
“The all new Vintorque™ drivetrain allows the rider to harness all of the power we are known for,” Davidge explains. “Our main focus on this project was to relay every rider input into a precise yet powerful riding experience.”
Available in three sizes, the timeless Cafe has a chromoly steel frame that is both strong and lightweight. Formed with sleek curves, the frame allows for an aerodynamic design. Sitting at the center of the artfully designed frame is the lightweight, removable 500 watt-hour battery. On a single full charge, the battery can power the Cafe to reach speeds of up to 28mph. An additional feature to the new Vintage Cafe is the electric bike model offering only the most advanced electronic interface conveniently located on the handlebar. The clear and intuitive display allows riders to access the speed and battery level with ease. In addition, the thumb-throttle provides convenient access to five pedal assist levels, giving the rider endless power possibilities in their commute.
For more information on the $3,995.00 Cafe bike or other Vintage models, please visit, or call (408) 969-0836.