Victory Motorcycles for 2016

2016- Empulse Victory0051Victory : Empulse® TT

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New for 2016 is the Victory  Empulse TT. Built on the same platform that set an American lap speed record at the 2015 Isle of Man TT race, the Empulse accelerates up to 100+ MPH and charges in just 3.9 hours.  The Empulse TT has the fastest battery charging speed and greatest lean-angle in its class, plus an advanced dual stage regenerative braking system for a familiar off-throttle feel. A six-speed gearbox combines with a high-torque motor to give the rider the option of punching through the gears, or virtually ignoring the transmission.  The brand is embracing the Electric Motorcycle segment with a bold design that looks forward and holds nothing back. Steve Menneto, VP motorcycles, says the addition of the Empulse TT will allow Victory to reach more markets as it continues its global growth. “This is a company that does not fear technology and progressive products, and we want to be strong in the electric motorcycle segment,” he says. “Polaris Industries already has a substantial investment in electric powered vehicles through GEM and the Electric Ranger lineup. Sharing that knowledge with the two-wheel segment only makes sense. We have a great partner in Brammo power for the Empulse TT.”

Victory Cruisers

The 2016 Victory Cruiser lineup includes  The Vegas, the Vegas 8-Ball, and the return of the Hammer S. These fan favorites received a straight shot of engineering adrenaline for the new year.  Reach up and grab the ape hangers of the Victory® High-Ball®. This bobber-style Cruiser exudes attitude with every exhaust pipe roar.  The 2016 Victory Gunner is the inspiration for their  NHRA team  racing to be the first Pro-Stock team to break 200 MPH.

2016-vegas-red-7The 2016 Victory Vegas

For 2016 Victory Vegas  they upgraded the wheels with a cast aluminum axe design FalchionTM wheel. It’s lighter, stronger, and cuts through the crowd with a more aggressive look. The painted frame adds a custom touch, but not an ounce of weight. A new, sleeker headlight further slims the profile . The Vegas 8-Ball® takes an even more bare-bones approach to modern American muscle. Fully blacked out, the Vegas 8-Ball® is easy on the eyes, light on frills, and heavy on performance.


Back by popular demand: The Hammer S. The Hammer proved modern American muscle can carve curves as ferociously as it jump off the line. Adding to the statement of a 250mm rear Dunlop tire and dual front disc brakes is a new shock, with even more travel, offering up increased ground clearance and cornering ability.

2016-magnum-red-1The 2016 Victory Bagger Lineup

Led by the impressive Victory Magnum  and Magnum  X-1 motorcycles.  the Magnum  X-1 is has  gotten louder with  a 200-watt, ten speaker  stereo system. Featuring Mini-Apes and a cast 21” front wheel, the Magnum® X-1 and the Magnum are after the custom bagger motorcycle trend.

The Victory Cross Country.  Known for a balance of handling, performance and carrying capacity, the versatile Cross Country  is as comfortable jumping from green light to green light as it is chasing down the endless horizon. Featuring standard ABS, Cruise Control, and a vast array of accessories, the Cross Country  has become part of the motorcycle touring landscape.

Cross-Country-Tour-Black-02The Cross County Tour

With ABS, Cruise Control, heated seats and grips, adjustable foot controls, the longest floorboards, fantastic carrying capacity, and ultimate rider comfort, both 2016 models eliminate any excuse for not hitting the highway. The Cross County Tour® carries a whopping 21 gallons of gear atop a versatile chassis. Ride two-up with fully loaded bags, and the chassis is stable and confident. Strip it down for a solo ride by removing the quick-detach trunk.

2016-Vision-02The Victory Vision

The Victory® Vision’s uncompromised modern design broke the mold for American Touring immediately upon its release. To this day offers bold and flowing design that wraps the rider in unparalleled comfort. The aerodynamic bodywork and frame mounted fairing featuring a power windshield gives the rider a smooth pocket no matter what speed they ride. And the cast aluminum chassis carves through corners and smooths out highways no matter how long the trip.

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