Victory 2015 Line-Up

Not the Usual Suspects

By Gary Mraz

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You gotta admit, Victory’s parent company can make s*!t happen fast. This is not a lets- wait-and-see corporate mentality and the new 2015 Magnum is evidence. Taking advantage of the big-wheel bagger craze the Magnum is riding on a 21-inch front wheel, it boasts the largest rim on any production bagger. It’slammed back-end delivers a sleek profile and the 6-Speaker in-dash audio system that blasts 100 Watts. With optional ape hangers and awesome paint options the new Victory Magnum looks fully custom right off the floor that starts at $21,999.

Accessories like the 100watt six speaker stereo system and saddlebag speakers with amps, Tri Oval Stage 1 exhausts, custom painted dashboards and LED headlamp are just the tip of the extensive Victory accessory iceberg available to spruce up your ride or your Victory wardrobe.

Although the line was trimmed from fifteen bikes in 2014 to ten in 2015 we probably won’t miss the Crossroads Classic, Boardwalk, Judge or Jackpot. A wise decision considering what their sister companies have been up to with Indian and the new Slingshot. What they kept is the best of the bunch, all at the right price points. The Baggers line is the new Magnum, the Cross Country and the Cross Country 8-Ball which starts at $17,999. Touring offers the Cross Country Tour and the sleek Vision. On the cruiser side sits the Vegas 8-Ball (which has been in the Victory party since 2003) The Victory Gunner introduced this year, the cool bobber the Victory High Ball and muscular Hammer 8-Ball, one of the very few fat tire motorcycles still available on the market boasting a 250/40R18 Dunlop Elite rear tire with a retail of $12,499. Victory truly has something for everyone now and at 15 years young the party has just begun.

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