TURBOSPOKE – New Product Feature

Transform your kid’s bike to look and sound just like your motorcycle with…. Turbospoke – the Bicycle Exhaust System
Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust System is a hi-octane motorcycle-style exhaust system for a kid’s bike. With its awesome looks and realistic engine sounds Turbospoke transforms any bicycle into the ultimate snarling street machine. Turbospoke “Fuels the Fun” for young gearheads everywhere. See it in action here: https://youtu.be/ZUPYoXztF2E

Do you remember how much fun it was to ride your bike to the sound of a baseball card in your spokes? Well Turbospoke develops on this simple idea and amps it up to the max! Using durable plastic Motocards and a Megaphone Exhaust pipe, Turbospoke not only looks like the real thing, it sounds seriously awesome too.

Not happy with one Big Bore Exhaust Pipe? Turbospoke fits to either side of your bike, that’s right… Twin Pipes! – Double the looks, double the sound, double the fun!

Also included:  3 x Tuneable Motocards, that’s 6 realistic engine sounds from the howl of a dirt bike to the roar of a chopper.  24 realistic moto-style stickers for your Exhaust and Bike  All the hardware to fit your exhaust system in minutes

Turbospoke doesn’t require any batteries – just good old fashioned pedal power and it fits to 99% of bicycles 14″+. Turbospoke is the ultimate upgrade for any kid’s bike.

The all new Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System is available in Walmart across the USA for just $14.99. For more information checkout www.turbospoke.com

Turbospoke is more than just a toy it’s your ticket to ride!

Turbospoke® products are created by the award winning design and manufacturing company Tomax Products Ltd. Headed by brothers Tom and Andrew Maxwell, their aim is to provide truly engaging innovative toys that enhance the fun of outdoor play.