Triple the Love

By Wild Bill

Spending an evening at Bike Night in the Southwest is a fun adventure. While enjoying the music, looking at all of the rides, kicking it, and relaxing, news of a mission that a lot of us will never have to face came by way of J.J. from Chuy’s. J.J. who is known for putting on a Bike Night every Thursday night here in Tucson and who is in our Weekly Events page arrived handing out flyers for an upcoming fund-raiser. As I took one look, I realized I’d heard about this tragedy on the news and this was a last minute Fundraiser & Benefit that J.J. was putting together. Here in the Southwest was Andrue Smith basking in the glow of three little miracles.

Looking at their little toes, 30 to be exact, and all 30 fingers must be a joyous sight to see, but what makes this tough is Andrue has to do this alone. His wife, Debra, passed away while giving birth to these three Boys named Legend Aiden, Tristian Lynn and Jaisyn Cleto, miracles in the making.

Now, J.J. was jumping through hoops to make this fund-raiser work and at least help the family a little. He asked our Biker and Hot Rod community to come together and make something happen to at least assist the three future bikers and give a little hope for the journey they have ahead.

Five days later, the day for the fundraiser arrived. Knowing it was a last minute effort to put this together, I rode there early to see if I could help in anyway, hoping that at least the word was spread and there would be a fair turnout for the family. Seeing a few other rides on the freeway brought hope that it would prove to be a big and successful event. The scene when I arrived at Chuy’s put a lump in my throat (well, you know).

“Yes,” word got out! Hot Rods were to the left and Motorcycles to the right. The huge parking lot was filling fast. Bikes and Hot Rods shining in search of the “Peoples Choice” trophies, top three in each category.

Vendors and the stage set-up for the live band was all donated. Arizona Victory was doing Dyno tests, all proceeds to be donated. Bikers Bay was working it as well, ALL TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE!

Food, oh yes, food galore! The team at Chuy’s was pumping out the food and drinks and all in good order. The donation table was selling raffles for some great prizes and the silent auction list was getting bigger and bigger with prices going up and up for some great items, all donated! The Tucson Fire & Police Department showed their bikes and had other hardware displayed. For such a short notice, the community pulled together and brought items for the boys that Andrue can definitely put to use such as diapers, formula, and baby clothes. The bed of the donation truck was overflowing by the end of the event.

This was a fun filled day with some awesome bikes and rods winning the “People’s Choice” plaques donated by Tucson Trophy Co. From the looks of the donation box, people gave from their heart to help in the cash department. It gives you a good feeling inside to see a whole community come together in a family’s time of need! If you are feeling the love and would like to help out in any way, you can go to any Wells Fargo Bank and donate to the “Debra L. Smith Family Memorial Fund”. This will help give a lift to Andrue, Legend Aiden, Tristian Lynn and Jaisyn Cleto.

Sincere Thanks, Wild Bill

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