Tom Noll, Cover Artist

An avid rider, this native Midwesterner is as much dedicated to creating massive paintings that elicit wide smiles from passionate fans of his rock portrayals, as he is getting on his Harley for a two week U.S. cross country adventure. The Harleys have the leading focus of attention nine months of the year, but the paintings are his inspiration year round. A bit more paint does get put onto canvas during the winter months, and often, the subject of those paintings are bikes, because of course, when you can’t ride’m, paint’m.

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International artist Tom Noll was born and raised on the outskirts of Milwaukee, WI. Always the artist, Tom loved drawing as a child, even when his hand would get cracked by the authority figures for drawing “left handed.” With a love for ink on paper, he pursued an education in the printing and publishing field, and then, years later received a second degree in graphic design and illustration for the world of print and advertising. Working in the creative field, Tom has the well rounded insight for getting ideas from the concept stage to completion. With years of the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, the fine arts have always served as his creative outlet, and safe refuge.

Originally painting in watercolors, Tom traveled the art fair circuit, displaying his fluid landscapes and figural works. In later years, his painting interests moved to acrylics and oils as he enjoys the thick paints and builds of color that can be applied to so many varied surfaces. His attention turned to abstract expressionism with large pieces that fill rooms with rich freeflowing color and movement. In the recent rock series captured in oils & acrylic on canvas, he incorporates his bold abstract strokes and vibrant colors into moving pieces that capture the essence of the music and the musicians. Marketing his art worldwide via fine art reproductions, Tom finds great pleasure in sharing these images and talking with people around the globe who are passionate fans of the rock artists portrayed. Tom is represented by various art galleries in the nations leading cities, and to date, has works displayed in fifteen countries, with hundreds throughout the U.S.

In addition to painting, Tom enjoys sculpting and moves his talents outdoors during the Wisconsin winters to carve giant blocks of snow in various competitions. In 2008, he and his teammates secured back to back WI State Championships, and took 3rd in the nation at the US Nationals.

Tom continues to pursue the challenge of the next painted piece, as blank canvas transforms with the inspiration and energy that beckons his heart and hand.

Tom is the owner of Creative Bone Artworks LLC and can be contacted through his website or via his cell at 262-844-7499. Full color fine art reproductions of his rock series can be viewed & purchased on-line at:

If you’re trying to reach Tom at the studio, he will get back to you, but with the riding season upon us, give him a little room to breath, you’ll have an equal chance of catching him on the highway.