TM Racing: Interview with Roberto Aloi, The Neo International Sales Manager

Starting from 1 September 2020 Roberto Aloi is the sales manager of TM Racing for the motorcycles international market. Aloi, person of great charisma, has built a solid professional knowledge in the motorcycle sector by working first as after sales area manager of Suzuki Italy and then as sales manager of Andreani Group and Termignoni.

Roberto, what lead you to accept this role and what do you expect from this new position?
The main reason that lead me to accept TM's proposal was the desire to support the Serafini family’s project of giving a generational change to the company within the next 10 years. This is a very stimulating long-term goal for me as we want to set up a commercial discourse appropriate to the current market by engaging with new operations in fields that have not been explored until now.

Working on such a project will certainly offer the possibility of bringing something new, do you already have some ideas in mind that you can expose?
The news will arrive based on the times and market demands. We will certainly broaden the vision of the company and engage in new fields for TM but always related to the two-wheels world. For the future we are therefore proposing new interventions that had not been taken into consideration until now because the times were not yet ripe.

What goals do you propose to achieve as TM International Sales Manager?
TM Racing’s main growth operation will be to further expand its presence at European and international level with completely new marketing strategies and a particular attention to young off-road users, a sector where the Italian company is specialized, so to have for the future a mature customer loyal to our brand. To do this we will continue to invest heavily in quality, which has always been a prerogative of TM motorcycles.

“There is something new in TM Racing: the International Sales Manager”: why was this leitmotiv adopted for your entry into the company?
The leitmotiv adopted arises from the operations implemented by TM towards a phase of renewal and progress. After the investments in facilities, technologies and personnel, it was necessary to make an important change in the sales department to follow up on the business objective: hence the choice to introduce the figure of the International Sales Manager.

Who is Roberto Aloi on a professional level? Tell us the fundamental stages of your training and your work experiences.
I have focused on the motorcycle sector since the beginning of my career: first I was part of the Suzuki Italia sales group as after sales area manager, then I was for 17 years the sales manager of the Andreani Group, a commercial company that trained me professionally having worked at 360 degrees in motorcycle accessories, after which I faced another satisfying experience of almost three years with the manufacturer of exhaust systems Termignoni, where I also grew at the level of technical and industrial training, since I had a more direct contact with the entire production step, from the raw material to the finished product.

Now I have the opportunity to be alongside a motorcycle manufacturer and for me it is an important stimulus, the one I was missing to choose to face a new professional adventure.

So something new not only for TM, but also for you…
Certainly, because working for a motorcycle manufacturer has many more responsibilities but also gives many more stimuli, as we no longer speak only of a product but of all motorcycle components, which must be carefully chosen in order to sell motorbikes in different markets. We have to work at 360 degree with a much more complex and broad vision, as it is necessary to interact with the different tastes of customers, from the youngest to the most adult, marrying different markets and pushing into the most expanding ones.

Where did your passion for motorcycles come from?
I have had it since I was a child and it had its consecration at 16 when I started racing in the Italian speed championship. Even if the results in sport were a bit poor, this passion still led me to believe that I could have made it a job and in fact in companies I have certainly collected more gratifying results. Also because I believe that the all-round love for motorbike is the decisive factor in ensuring that the work is always kept at the highest levels and gives the best results. When you work with a strong passion behind you there are no dead times or moments that make your business feel heavy.

So are these the sides of your personality that are combined with your profession?
Absolutely yes, because I live my professional life almost without detachment from my private life, practically I can talk about a “working passion”, which gave me and continues to give me enormous satisfaction.

If you had to describe yourself in a few words, what would you say about yourself?
That challenges are at the apex of my way of seeing and conceiving life. Bigger is the competition, more it stimulates me. Simple things bore me, while the more difficult ones entice me. For this, I can define myself as headstrong and determined.

Determined and always looking for new challenges…
In my work I prefer long-term projects, also because working for the same company for years consolidates your figure, but I believe there are moments in life in which you have to make the big leap. When you feel you have reached a professional and personal maturity, it is time to make better choices; otherwise it means that you don’t want to get involved, but that’s not part of me.

What should dealers expect from Roberto Aloi?
My most important goal will be having TM Racing recognized among the top brands of off-road motorcycles and beyond, with particular attention to the world of off-road racing, considering the over 40 years of experience in the sector.

TM dealers must therefore expect an improvement in the image and communication of the brand, which will be accompanied by an ever greater technological evolution, bringing TM Racing on a par with the most famous and well-known manufacturers.