ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag

By Tom “Bomb” Christian

The ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bags are very well thought out, with military grade materials that include the mouthpiece and valve, making it very durable and easy to use. Their secret lies in using dual thermal lining that’s very lightweight, considering what it does; keeping the water and ice melting at a much slower rate in 110 degree weather is the mission of this hydration tank bag.

I personally have used this bag in 116 degree weather a few times, not that I really enjoy riding in that kind of heat; but if you’re on a trip and Mother Nature dishes it out you have to deal with it.

As I think back to the past when I was driving big rigs hauling powder cement and asphalt, always going to a job site out in the middle of the desert or deserted place, this bag would have been perfect to have in my cab. Coming off of paved roads onto bumpy dirt roads your drinks would always spill or fall over no matter what you did to secure them. ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag was designed to be placed in many different situations and this would’ve been one of them. Having clean drinking water available everywhere I went, and having the mouthpiece cover to protect from the dirt and the environment I would be in, came in very handy along with the extra-long hose to reach from the passenger seat. So this made me think of all the other types of situations where this ThirstyRock Hydration Bag would come in handy. It’s like having your own personal drinking fountain within arm’s reach so you do not need to have an ice chest for cold water; it’s all in one.

It comes with an assortment of straps so you can configure it into a backpack or strap it on gas tanks that are not metal. Oh by the way, it has four very powerful magnets that hold it securely on your tank and the magnet flaps have a special coating on the bottom so they will not scratch your paint. The D-rings, handle and other parts also have this special coating to protect your bike’s paint.

Having almost a gallon of water at close reach makes long or short trips more comfortable in the heat; as you know the hotter it is, the more water you should be drinking to keep your body hydrated. That allows you to think more clearly while riding down the highway making judgment calls. From job sites to walks in the park or picnics, to car shows and motorcycle riding, this hydration bag would come in very handy.

Now about the use of ThristyRock Hydration Bag on a motorcycle, on my personal trips coming back from Deadwood, SD and more. Getting used to having it on my tank took a little time because I was not used to having anything there; it was a foreign object. I was having to make some sort of an adjustment just to be comfortable getting on and off the bike because I am a short old guy; more so when I had the bike packed down. There was adjusting where I wanted the grab handle on the hose when I wanted to drink some water and I’m sure every bike is going to be a little different along with the rider and his or her arm/grab reach or personal preference where you would like it. This is what makes the bag so versatile; it allows you to make your personal adjustments along with the retractable hose so you and your passenger can enjoy the cold water.

A tip: When you’re done drinking from the bag I suggest you blow the water from the hose back into the bag and close the valve at the mouth piece because the hose is always in the heat of the sun and it gets hot; I think doing this will keep the water cold longer.

The ThirstyRock system has a removable “bladder” inside that holds the water and ice, which you can take into the convenience store to add more ice and water. You could also leave the bladder in the bag and just use a large cup to get the ice and water, but the bladder is designed to be easily removable for refilling directly at the fountain and ice dispensers. I’ve never been turned down, and that’s like getting a bottle of water so you can constantly keep fresh ice and cold water at the same time. When you put the hose back, (by the way, you’ll love the quick disconnect!) make sure it does not have a kink in it to stop the flow of water.

ThirstyRock’s Dan Dougherty says, “I purposely designed every part of the system to make this hydration gear very versatile and convenient, and when we are at events showing the gear to customers, they will ask, “What if I put it here?” or “Will it fit there?” etc. I literally have a built-in design for every question. The only thing I never saw coming was that we have cowboys putting it on the back of western saddles on their horses in northern Arizona. That was a pleasant surprise!”

When it gets to be over 105 degrees I drink a lot of water so if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll be using it a lot too if you own one. Riding out to Palm Springs and up the 395, out to Las Vegas, or riding across America in the summer, you’ll be a much happier rider having the ThirstyRock Hydration Bag on your bike. Their new bags that just came out are slimmed down a little and look even better, maybe I could get one to test it out MAYBE…..

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