ThirstyRock Hydration Gear

Meet the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag System… Where Adventure Hydrates!

In April 2019, the Patent Pending ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag was launched to the public! Engineered into a ballistic grade nylon shell, this hydration tank bag system mounts right on your tank. Dual thermal insulation keeps the ice water filled, custom designed 3.2 liter bladder (just under a gallon) ice cold for up to 8 hours in triple digit temps. The quick release feature allows you to disconnect the bladder and fill it with ice and water via the 3 ½ inch fill cap at any soda fountain wherever you fuel up! Yes, free ice water! While riding, a retractable reel keeps the insulated hydration hose secured to the tank bag, allowing you to safely hydrate. The bright blue connector grip gives you, the rider, a peripheral target for your hand to grab, while keeping your eyes on the road where they belong. Wrap around magnet flaps feature steel-backed custom designed magnets that keep the anti-scratch material on the bottom tight to the tank. For non-steel tanks there is an attached riser strap as well as D-rings for tie down straps, allowing the hydration gear to be mounted to just about anything. You can take this hydration gear off of your steel tank and put it on your luggage rack, your tail bag, motorcycles with aluminum or plastic tanks, your ATV and your side-by-side.

With included accessories like 2 different bite valves (1 straight bite valve for full face helmets and an angled bite valve for every other helmet) that can be swapped out with a push of a button, to the bite valve dust covers, to the 2 shoulder straps that allow you to carry this hydration gear like a backpack, this is the most valuable and versatile safety gear that you can own…period.

Motorcycle riders have always faced the challenges of dehydration when riding. When we ride, we take the risk of being exposed to the elements – wind, sun and temperatures in exchange for the freedom and adventure on the open road. The game has been changed, now there’s a new way to hydrate!

“If you want to be happy for a day, drink. If you want to be happy for a year, marry. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a motorcycle.” Anonymous

Dehydration Matters
Dr. Phil Watson says, “The research has shown us the impact dehydration can have on our ability to control a vehicle, whether that’s a car or motorcycle. It revealed that the number of mistakes we make doubles when we’re dehydrated, this is the same margin of error as people who are at the drink and drive limit of .08% blood alcohol.” Free University, Brussels.

When you are dehydrated you put yourself at an increased risk of heat stroke, headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, disorientation and loss of concentration. Any one of these factors puts you at risk for an accident.

ThirstyRock Hydration Gear takes the misery out of the heat, allowing you to safely hydrate, keeping yourself ready and alert, while helping your body cool down your core temperature. When helping your body cool down like this…your body physiologically responds by literally making you feel better as documented in research by the scientific community.

Why is ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag system the best option for you?
We travelled the country during our launch, demonstrating our hydration gear at motorcycle events and we’ve spoken to hundreds and hundreds of riders. The most important question that we ask our customers is…how do you hydrate? This question has always resulted in a variety of answers that we now call the “old ways”.

We hear about the handlebar-mounted cups and hardware that is a popular option ranging from $59.99 – $200.00…or the water bottles stored in saddlebags and trunks. Then there are the hydration backpacks, which depending on the brand can range from $50-$200. We also hear how riders just wait to drink water when they fuel up every couple of hours, which is a very, very dangerous practice, especially in the summer months.

Now let’s have a logical discussion about these “old way” options most familiar to everyone…

Insulated tumblers are great for 16 ounces or so, however with men needing at least 3.4 liters and women needing 2.6 liters of water per day respectively, cups simply are not enough. Motorcycle riders need even more when riding in hot weather, sun and wind exposure. The mounting hardware and cups are very distracting when trying to drink and then returning the tumbler to the holder. Many customers shared their stories about how the cup just bounced right out of the holder, or the mounting hardware would slowly rotate down from road vibrations… again, a big distraction.

The ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag system holds 3.2 liters of ice-cold water and that’s equivalent to 7 cup tumblers! The insulated hydration hose is attached to the retractable reel feature by the bright blue connector grip, making it easily visible peripherally and is located right at your fingertips. This allows the rider to safely hydrate in between stops without taking their eyes off the road. When hydration gear is easily accessible the rider is inclined to consume more ice cold water which hydrates you safely and helps cool the body’s core.

The old saddlebag bottle storage option usually means a metal flask or plastic bottled water kept inside saddlebags, in a saddlebag cup hanger or in the tail bag or trunk. These bottles or flasks can quickly get hot in the storage compartments and the simple fact is, hot or warm water is harder to consume and the rider still has to stop to safely consume the water. Additionally, hot or warm water increases the body’s core temperature…not good. As a result riders are less inclined to stop to consume warm or hot water, possibly deciding to forego hydration all together until their next stop. This is also very, very dangerous.

Another popular “old way” option that we hear about is the hydration backpacks. They usually have smaller capacity (1-2 liters) rectangular bladders that do not have built-in insulation and are made of thin materials. When professional riders aka police motor officers who use the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag system were interviewed they reported that in desert cities like Phoenix or Las Vegas, ice water in the hydration backpacks can last only 40 minutes before melting and becoming hot and the backpacks trap the heat in their body core…literally doing more harm than good. Additionally, these same hydration bladders tend to have small fill caps and they don’t hold as much water or ice. As mentioned the problems with wearing hydration backpacks while riding are that they actually trap heat in your body not allowing the body’s core to cool. Have you ever taken your backpack off and not had a sweaty shirt? They also put weight on your back and can act like sails on windy riding days both of which cause unnecessary fatigue. With the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag system you’re letting your bike do the work.

The ballistic grade engineered motorcycle tank bag is mounted right on your tank and that weight is now securely on the bike and completely off the rider’s back. The dual thermal lining consists of a removable thermal aluminum liner, and a second thermal aluminum liner system that is engineered into all six sides/walls of the tank bag. The results? Up to 8 hours of ice water in triple digit temps. The 3 ½ “ wide fill cap and quick release bladder allows the rider to enter any gas station convenience store while fueling up, fill the bladder at the soda fountain with ice and filtered water…for free since gas stations typically don’t charge for ice and water from the soda fountain. Enough said.

Who are ThirstyRock Hydration Gear Customers?
Our customers are people who love to ride and understand that safety matters. They understand the importance of hydration and how dehydration can sneak up on you without any symptoms. Our customers consist of professional riders such as police motor officers in cities throughout the Southwest, dual sport adventure riders, daily commuters, competitive long distance riders such as Hoka Hey Racers, Iron Butt riders and the long distance touring fans. Our riders love having immediate access to ice cold water that helps take that misery out of the heat while they ride.

You are worth the Investment and You matter!
We all dress up our bikes and ourselves to look good and feel good. But you have to ask yourself…what have I done to ensure my safety while riding? What have I done to prevent the preventable? What have I done to reduce the risks of dehydration?

Consider the risks of dehydration…the following are just a few of the real stories shared by our customers:

“I was riding back from Sturgis, SD and ended up riding into a field. I had to stay in the hospital for four days because of dehydration.”
“I was working traffic at a 4th of July parade on my motorcycle, when I woke up in an ambulance after my bike and I toppled over. I had passed out from dehydration and heat stroke.”
“I drove to the side of the road, I dropped my bike, didn’t even put the kickstand down and started removing all my clothes. I don’t remember anything after that. I was told I had a heat stroke.”
“I was a passenger on the motorcycle and I started feeling nauseas. I just overheated and ended up in the ER. I had a heat stroke.”
“ I was halfway through the Hoka Hey when I passed out and spent over 4 days in the ER for severe dehydration and heat stroke” (This awesome rider finished the race the following year with the ThirstyRock hydration gear)

“As a biker and hiker, someone who has struggled with dehydration, I designed ThirstyRock Hydration Gear with bikers of all kinds in mind. We all think it won’t happen to us until it does. We want you to do what you enjoy and do it safely.” Dan, ThirstyRock Hydration Gear

ThirstyRock Hydration Gear is now the proven game changer for safe motorcycle rider hydration. Let the “old ways” to hydrate stay in the past where they belong…welcome to the future.

!!!UPDATE: New ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag designs for Street and Dual Sport Riders!!!
ThirstyRock Hydration Gear is introducing two new patent pending designs to their lineup that will be available soon. These new designs still provide the same proven engineered dual thermal insulation keeping the custom 3.2 liter bladder of ice water cold for up to 8 hours in triple digits, insulated hydration hose and retractable reel all made with top quality materials, etc. NOTE: Please keep in mind that these pictures are of the prototypes and the final production model may change slightly.

ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag DualSport
The new DualSport version still offers all of the same great features of our original hydration tank bag system with a redesigned lid featuring loop Velcro for map or GPS cases, tie down lacing, extra anchors points, and now in 2 colors – green/black and all black.

Available January 2020!

ThirstyRock Hydration 3.2 PACK
This redesign was done at the request hundreds of riders who wanted our patent pending hydration gear to work with their existing tank and gear bags. The TRH 3.2 Pack is a trimmed down version of our original hydration tank bag system, now at the fighting size of 9x9x5 inches, and yet still retains our proven dual thermal liners, 3.2-liter bladder and retractable reel, etc. This new design allows the TRH 3.2 Pack to be stored inside tank bags, gear bags, saddlebags etc, with the hydration hose secured to the exterior by the carabineer feature on the retractable reel. Riders can now safely hydrate with just under a gallon of ice-cold water for up to 8 hours in 100-degree temps while retaining plenty of storage room for their riding gear.