The Ultimate T-Shirt for all BMW GS Riders and Fans

“You may go a little bit faster… …but I can go anywhere!”

The BMW GS is truly a universal talent on two wheels: The high-capacity touring enduro bike is the top choice for discovering Alpine passes and for just about any other type of trips from traveling the fast German autobahn to crossing the Sahara. These qualities are what make the latest top-of-the-line BMW R 1250 GS model the best-selling bike in many markets around the globe.

BEEMER GS, the online accessories shop for owners and fans of the various GS models, hits it right on the button with a T-shirt that reads: “You may go a little bit faster… …but I can go anywhere!” What slogan would be better suited to describe the strengths of this bike?

The high-quality black BEEMER GS T-shirt with silver lettering in the front is available in four different colors and sizes S through 3XL and costs from EUR 25. It is sold exclusively online at