The Trike


Well, they’ve done it again! Arizona Victory got together with Lehman Trike and came out with one of the most diverse trikes, sporting style and futuristic looks. Yes I rode one. While my bike was being serviced, I took to the road as I never turn down a chance to enjoy the wind, especially not having the opportunity to ride a trike before. I thought, “If I am ever in a position to have to give up the two wheels, this might and could be a way for me to go!”

Like I said, Victory got together with Lehman Trikes and after over two years of testing and changing things, they made a trike second to none. Fitted together with the Kingpin, it has a wheel base of 65.5 in. The overall length is 108 in, overall width is 53 in., curb weight is 969 lbs, and last but not least the trunk is 3.6 cu.ft. (Now that can hold a few refreshments for the trip)! I showed up to Arizona Victory after talking to Mike about taking one for a ride and there it was sitting out in front of the dealership standing proud in front of all the other displayed bikes. The sun was shining upon the fresh black paint, clean and ready to roll the streets of Tucson, Arizona. After getting a few tips (all about the same as any other bike), I was ready to rock. I planned to meet a few friends; Larry, Kim, and Mick, for a jaunt up the hill to MT Lemmon.

Starting the trike and hearing the sweet sound of the pipes (Yes, sounds like power, REAL power), I was off. Now, power this trike definitely has, getting on the frontage road in third gear, and I was booking. Stopping was easy but I was just getting started. First turn and I started to lean (Not necessary on this ride) so I learned to lose that habit. Also, as I made my first stop, I had my feet on the ground (Yes, lose that habit also). Traveling down to meet the group and getting used to this trike riding was easy. Looks were coming in from all directions, but many asking questions such as “What is it?”, ”Where can I get one?”, “Where can I look at one?”, and most importantly, “Where can I test ride one?” Hey, I was feeling great attention all over and enjoying it! Arriving to meet the group, I had to stand back and soak in the fact that I was on a trike! Letting Larry, Mick, and Kim sit on it to check it out, I wanted to roll and put it through its paces.

We took off and I was following the group, speeding up and backing off, turning and weaving, as this trike can maneuver. Heading up the mountain, I would fall back and play catch up to put the trike through its paces.

With a 100 cubic inch Freedom power train and 6-speed True overdrive transmission, this trike delivers power when needed and that was obvious. At the top, I just sat and enjoyed the view of this ride and answered plenty questions from a lot of riders that also road the mountain that day. Don’t worry Mike, if I didn’t know an answer, I sent them your way.

After wondering if Mike might be wondering if I was going to return his trike or not, we started to head back down the mountain. I took the lead and after 4 or 5 turns I pulled over. I felt the need for speed and after taking turns well over 65 and knowing this trike could handle it, I waited for our group to lead so I wouldn’t get carried away. Believe me, in any and all gears, with one twist of the throttle; it responds! Braking is amazing! You step and hold on. In short order, it will stop. I didn’t use the front break that much, too busy yanking and banking. Getting into town again, I was treated with looks from all around as I took my time returning to the infamous Arizona Victory. Because I didn’t want this ride to be over with, I took the long way back (Can you blame me?)!

Pulling into Arizona Victory, I learned not to lean unless you really needed or you felt you needed to and kept my feet on the floor boards. I also learned that this trike is an “E” ticket ride! You can get plenty of accessories for your future trike (It’s a Kingpin). You can see much more on the trike by visiting you’re your local Victory Motorcycle shop. I got my thrills at Arizona Victory in Tucson located at 1102 North Anita Ave., also available at Pay them a visit and you will be enchanted! Unfortunately, the only thing I found wrong with this trike I’d shared so many miles with is that I was not parking it in my garage come nightfall.