The Lone Star Rally

Galveston, Texas 2018

By Pastor Z.

The Lone Star Rally is by far one of the largest rallies in the United States! Estimates hit 400,000 people, and 300,000 motorcycles. It is definitely Texas’ answer to Sturgis. Southern hospitality at its absolute finest.

How does this little island named Galveston, immortalized in song by Glen Campbell, draw so many people from all over the south and beyond…? I’m glad you asked. Sheer excitement for one, top-name bike builders, legendary bike shows, and some really big-name entertainment.

Hundreds of thousands of motorcycles (of all types and styles) rolled into the event throughout the weekend. It was quite a sight. Both the Strand in downtown Galveston, and also the Seawall were completely packed with lots of motorcycles. Both areas also had some great stages, and literally hundreds of vendors. You could find anything that you were looking for as far as bike parts & accessories, riding leathers, clothing items and other interesting things. Some great food vendors, as well as southern specialties like seafood & BBQ were on hand as well.

One thing that was amazing – was the amount of free quality entertainment at this amazing event. Everyone is invited to the party. Yes – FREE big name acts & entertainment. This year the lineup featured: Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Bret Michaels of Poison, Danny Koker of Count’s Kustoms & Count’s 77, the very talented MissIntent, Highway to Hell, Hairball (and too many others to mention). There were also VIP passes that you could purchase to get up really close & personal at these awesome concerts, and enjoy lots of other specials.

Vince Neil rocked the fans on Thursday night. Bret Michaels took center-stage on Friday night. Fans sang along to their favorite Motley Crue and Poison songs and really enjoyed themselves. Their bands were absolutely incredible, and put on great shows.

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Mark Gray, the PR man for the Lone Star Rally. Mark is an amazing guy, multi-faceted, and a power hitter in helping put on amazing events in Texas, and also in Florida… The whole team at Elisa, Inc. really know how to throw an awesome rally and a great party. Mark was very helpful and has the personality of a star promoter.

On Sunday afternoon – I got a great interview with “Missy” from MissIntent, an exciting band from Daytona Beach, Florida. Missy’s vocal range is similar to a cross between Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin, Pink, and Ann Wilson of Heart. She’s absolutely amazing, and her band is made up of a group of some phenomenally talented musicians. During the interview, I found Missy to be a really sweet young lady, a down to earth gal who loves her country, and especially cares for our veterans. She’s an amazingly fresh talent, who is destined to shoot up to the stars in her career. “MissIntent” has been hitting most of the national bike rallies across the USA. Be sure to look out for her. Missy and the boys put on an incredible show.

Also on Sunday afternoon – I was able to interview: Danny of Count’s Kustoms, he also hosts the TV show “Counting Cars,” and he is also the lead vocalist of the band “Count’s 77”. Danny is a really friendly, interesting and versatile guy. Danny started out in his teens in local rock bands, then went on to building some really cool custom motorcycles, and graduated to total customization of all types of cars, trucks, and other unique modes of transportation. Danny’s band sounded great. He has a lot of energy, and he has very strong and a powerful voice. Count’s 77 played a lot of classic rock & blues hits, and some cool oldies as well.

There were also multiple bike shows: The Cycle Source Ride-in Bike Show, The Trike Show, Perewitz Paint Show, Round-Up Slingshot Show, and even a Sound Off Motorcycle Stereo Show & Contest. There was a lot of action, and a lot of entertainment every day.

Sponsor Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys brought their BAM program info so riders could sign up for their free rider-to-rider roadside assistance membership.

Bikers for Christ had a great base of operations at the rally this year. BFC Texas rented a storefront venue near the beginning of the Strand. We had over fifty members at the Rally from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and California. The venue had a nice patio (facing the Strand), so we were able to put on some awesome concerts there as well. It worked out as a great location – as tens of thousands of motorcycles hit the cruise every night. And there was also a lot of foot traffic as well.

We were able to greet people as they were rolling in with live music from the Full Throttle Band and some other great musicians, plus free waters and hotdogs. And we made a lot of new friends. We really enjoyed ourselves that weekend, and we’ll look forward to hitting the Lone Star Rally again every year.

Be sure to put the Lone Star Rally on your “bucket list” of events to attend next year. You won’t be disappointed, it’s really a breath of fresh air from the great state of Texas!

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