The Lehigh Valley Motorcycle Expo

Motorcycle races, motorcycle parts, crafts, motorcycle gear, great food, and booze; who would miss that? I first heard about the Lehigh Valley 3rd Annual (second with races) Motorcycle Expo in Allentown, PA, held this year on February 15th & 16th, from our family friend and Quick Throttle writer/photographer Tracey Kohman. I have to say I was a little more than intrigued. I have loved motorcycles since I was somewhere near eight, so how in the world could I say no? My mother on the other hand took a little bit more convincing, I got her to come after all. We all hopped in the car and took the three hour trip to go to the expo.

Finally arriving, after the three long hours, we pull up to a graveyard; something is definitely wrong about this. So we go around the block and find the entrance on a parallel street. Once you get out of your car you can already spot five leather jackets. Inside the building entrance are both the ticket sales and the Girl Scouts selling their great cookies. The ticket price is ten dollars each day you are there, which is a great deal! I later had an interview with Bill Rowe, who organizes this expo each year, and he told me that they sold around three thousand tickets, not including the ones given away, over the weekend.
As soon as you walk into the door you are immersed into the culture. On the left there is a row of bikes, the first one had a galaxy looking wrap on it (that was one of my favorites). You look further to the left and see a trike (which is a three wheeled motorcycle) that looks like something Batman would roll up on to fight the Joker. Walk straight and to the right there is a spot with Bikers Have Rights, where you can spin the wheel and get something for free!

There were a bunch of merchants all around the building, including Strip Club Choppers; who had two bikes of their own there, one of which has an actual dancing pole that shoots fire, yeah that is pretty impressive! There was also Highway Leather who was selling Bravo Bells, which are small bells to attach to your motorcycle so road spirits do not attach themselves to you. There were also veterans selling tee-shirts to raise money for other veterans.

Once you are done in this area you go through a doorway and find motorcycle parts everywhere, and some pretty nifty jewelry that is motorcycle fashion. On the left there are about six tables of knives, tasers, and brass knuckles, all the stuff you need! You keep going and find a man working away on his sewing machine, making bandanas and handkerchiefs.

At about 10:30 the races began. I was posted up in front of a truck that was inside for some reason. I quickly realized that there was something large attached to each rider’s left shoe, it was a cut of shag carpet! Which made sense, but I was not really expecting it. There was one driver who had caught my attention, his jersey said Nussy. Nussy had caught my eye because he was a little bit more skilled, or professional as some people call it. While everyone was going 10 miles per hour around the corner he would go 25 miles per hour, it was pretty cool. During the intermission you can go get some booze or something to snack on and keep shopping. Also make sure you do not forget to vote on which motorcycle you think is the best!

The races are back on again. This time I got into the pit, which is only five dollars for a pass to see where all the magic happens, so I got some better, and closer pictures. That came with a price though, there were almost three crashes right in front of me. It might not seem scary but the only thing there to protect you is plywood, and maybe a hay bale. Bill also told me that they would be donating all the hay bales to the Mountain View Horse Rescue* in New Tripoli, PA.

I didn’t stay the whole day but I made sure to stop over by the farmers market across the street, which is full of a plethora of shops and food sellers and fresh produce, including strawberries that could barely fit in the palm of your hand. This was an amazing event that I look forward to seeing again, hope to see you there next time!

*Visit to find out more about MountainView Horse Rescue.