The Iron Horse Bike & Music Festival

The Iron Horse Bike & Music Festival

Memorial Day weekend on the bluffs in Sabula, Iowa was, shortly put, ANOTHER GREAT TIME. With the hill sides filling up early on Friday the party was shaping up. Free admission for Friday night (no camping) started revving things up. The live music was “PURE ROCK THAT ROCKS” by local area favorite JAMMER. The crowd was fully entertained by the groups’ many sets of great rock and roll music. They covered the classics with style and shared some awesome original songs. They timed the encore right to the stroke of midnight. Saturday started off on dark clouds of rain which lasted most of the day into the evening. But the rain didn’t stop The Georgia Satellites (returning for the second year) from performing for the true hardcore bikers who stuck it out. They jumped right in by opening with Rain (The Beatles) as the song ended so did the rain. The crowd was energized by the bands tight performance of their hit music and showed how much they enjoyed it by the huge demand for more after the band had finished its set. It didn’t take long for the fans to be satisfied for more. The Georgia Satellites returned to the stage and gave them a triple long encore. The Georgia Satellites went far beyond the norm and gave everyone an incredible show. Opening up was Billy Lee Janey and The Mercury Brothers finished the night. Both groups doing a great job of giving the crowd what they wanted. Sunday morning as the sun rose over the bluffs it quickly dried up the rain. It was the start of a perfect day. Ron La Puma opened the live music, next with their style of hard driving heavy hitting music was Through Terror who got the crowd going and ready.

Then it was fight time, ultimate fight time that is. The steel cage in the center of the arena was ready for the 15 fights held that night.

The crowd loved the women’s match and the two 10-year-olds match. The action was hard and fast with a few upsets. As soon as the fights were over (back on the huge stage) Ron La Puma played another incredible set in only the way Ron can and left them wanting more.

As Ron La Puma left the stage the girls for the wet T shirt contest hosted by Pipes took over the stage. This contest was over the edge as the girls in the two classes (sportster & big V twin) gave it ALL they had much to the crowds delight. Other unique contests were for the best camp fire, best looking camp site and who rode their bike the farthest to be at the Horse. At the next event more contests will be held such as the largest group, most women riders in a group and more. I got to meet some really great people that weekend, true Bikers in every sense of the word. One biker who rode for hours in the pouring rain to get to The Horse because he said he would meet his friends there. When he did get to the Rally his gear was soaked, so his friends got him dry gear, as real Friends would do. Everyone in attendance was friendly and helpful and I feel that I have more new friends. As I went from camp site to camp site I was offered food and drink. I never made it back to the guy cooking a hunk of chicken on a stick over an open fire, now that’s hardcore. I did take up the offer of a bowl of frosted flakes. Speaking of food, all the food vendors (including Jim’s Country Ribs, returning for his third time) provided really good eats. Other vendors included Paintbrush Graphics, Fecke Photos and Charlie’s Ride Free. Thank you to all who attended. I hope to see you again at the next one this July 4th weekend and the Labor Day weekend Rally.

As always, Ride Safe, Gery Schemel