The Big Cover Up

Uncovering a 19 Year Conspiracy

Deep Cover Surveillance by Art Hall & Randy Twells

2014 has been the 19th time that 2 businesses & 2 MC’s have gotten away with collaborating in a scheme to cover things up. In the biggest Cover Up yet, the Messengers MC and Pioneers MC succeeded again in pulling the wool over a lot of homeless people through Brother Benno’s and St. Vincent de Paul charities. Since it was Winter and the Christmas Season, it’s the time of year when a conspiracy like this has the most effect on its targets.

DSC_2520b 44pcStarting at San Diego Harley where this brazen bunch hiding in plain sight puts bags of donated warm items like blankets & socks into the San Diego Harley cargo van, co-conspirators in this scheme hand over $10 each & get breakfast. Then they made their getaway under the radar in a big double column up the freeway along with the van of donated goods to Kennedys Custom Cycles in Oceanside for the celebratory Party with all their co-conspirators—including other MC’s from around the area. A huge mass of bikes all appearing perfectly legit.

With the big Brother Benno’s truck there to stash the load they bring along with the donations already there, this clever bunch all then socialize to some good music, eat lunch supplied by another charity Five Loaves & Two Fishes, also drawn in to this caper, and can even buy tickets for the chance to themselves take home some very nice prizes. Amazingly, rewarding participation in a cover up! A huge table overflowed with prize items supplied by the businesses who take vendor space at Kennedys for the day and other businesses around the area. One of the Messengers’ own George “Hollywood” Petix does a vendor booth & makes sure to donate product from his Pistol Pockets business which offers zip-up lockable T-bar bags.

IMG_3896b 71pcAnother phenomenon is the 50/50 drawing, where the winner would normally take home half the cash raised; but here the winning co-conspirator turns back a good portion if not all their share of the loot to the organizers of the Cover Up to then put towards the caper proceeds. Of course all this and the family friendly Holiday setting all supports this massive Cover Up that we have documented very well all along!

Missing from the scene was Cathie Kennedy (RIP) who passed on in late summer and whose diabetic friendly bake sale always perpetuated the cover up even further.

This year adding to the bold brazenness of this caper, New York Myke Owner of San Diego Harley, and Kennedys Custom Cycles’ Bill Kennedy got up front in person with the Pioneers MC Prez “Eazy” Jackson & Messengers MC Prez Wayne-o Hurlbert. These four ringleaders then thank everyone for coming and being part of the Cover Up! When was the last time you heard a 101st Airborne Vet & former mayoral candidate and a respected motorcycle industry icon getting on a mic and commending people for being part of a big cover up??!! To top it off, they are given plaques from the MC’s right out there in the open, thanking them for their involvement!

This is one bold scheme that has succeeded for 19 years, and who knows what is planned for the TWENTIETH!! I for one would keep an eye on this bunch and catch them in the act again in 2015 in another epic tale of conspiracy and collaboration for another Big Cover Up!!!

We have deep cover surveillance photos in the Gallery, “eyes only”!!