Tejon Street Bike Fest

By Abel

The 8th Annual Tejon Street Bike Fest was held on June 22nd and I was looking forward to it as it has become one of my favorite one day events to attend.

Each year since I’ve been attending, it has gotten to be a bigger and better gathering of music, merchandise, and motorcyclists from all over southern Colorado. As I rolled through downtown Colorado Springs and turned onto Tejon Street, it didn’t take but a glance down the street to tell that this year’s Bike Fest was going to a good one. Numerous vendors were setting up and bikes were already lining the street when I found a good spot to park mine and startedwalking down the street to check out what the day had in store.

By mid morning, bikes were steadily rolling down Tejon Street and the crowds were wandering the streets checking out the vendors, the bikes, and visiting with folks along the way. Some of the crowd starting seeking out the vantage point of the balconies of some of the clubs to get a better view of the happenings in the street below while others starting filling up the beer garden to get something cold to drink and to listen to the tunes of Radio London, the Jake Loggins Band, and the Inman Brothers Band which had the place rocking throughout the day.

There were more participants in the bike rodeo with some serious competition which had quite a crowd of supporters cheering them on and the bike show doubled in size from last year’s. With an estimated 8,000 – 10,000 motorcycles throughout the day, it has become Colorado Springs’ largest one day event and according to the Colorado Springs Police Department one of the smoothest and best organized.

One of the main attractions of the Bike Fest is that it is a free event which makes it more appealing when choosing somewhere to go with gas prices constantly rising and tough economic times. We all need a day to getaway and get together with friends for a good time and the Tejon Street Bike Fest is a great place to do just that.

The generosity of American Motorcycles, Coors Lite, Corona, and Pikes Peak Harley Davidson, sponsors of the event, attributed to the success of the day’s activities and special kudos need to go to Sam and Kathy Guadagnoli, owners of some of the clubs like Rum Bay and Cowboys, who allow the beer garden to be set up outside their establishments.

All proceeds from the beer garden went to the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and the preservation of our motorcycling history.

I’m sure that next year’s Tejon Street Bike Fest is going to need more room as it gets bigger and better and it’s one that you’re going to mark on your calendar as a ride downtown for a hell of a good time.