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Motorcycling the Himalayas, Part 1

A Trip Through Time on Royal Enfields – Part 1 By Koz Mraz. Photos by Himalayan Roadrunners I am preparing for a motorcycle trip to the Himalayas in year 2075. Riding Royal Enfields at altitudes up to eighteen thousand feet I’ll need to be physically, mentally and psychologically prepared. What will I bring? How will I travel, where will I ...

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Motorcycling Mayan Mysteries: Ek Balam to Rio Secreto

By Koz Mraz. Photos by Koz & Christina (The Boss) The Yucatan peninsula is well known for its party life in Cancun, the Mayan ruins, beautiful beaches and incredible resorts. I’ve ridden Harleys in Asia, Europe, Jamaica and Bali, so why not here?  The upside is: the toll roads are amazing, secondary roads pretty well maintained and generally the drivers ...

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