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Motorcycling the Himalayas, Part 3

Push For Everest By Koz Mraz We had just been denied entry to Tibet at the Chinese border-crossing after traveling hundreds of miles through the most difficult and challenging terrain I’ve ever ridden. The thought of riding that again was excruciating. And what was the reason the Chinese turned us away? It was their lunch time. The Chinese officially-designated lunch ...

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Motorcycling the Himalayas, Part 2

Riding the Ragged Edge By Koz Mraz • Photos by Koz Mraz and Jack Callander MOUNTAIN “I say without hesitation, that motorcyclists love the mountain. It is where we dance. We freely fall into gravity’s demanding arms, then with a twist of the throttle are thrust into the next delicious curve. A graceful ballet of endless pirouettes lifting the spirit as ...

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Motorcycling the Himalayas, Part 1

A Trip Through Time on Royal Enfields – Part 1 By Koz Mraz. Photos by Himalayan Roadrunners I am preparing for a motorcycle trip to the Himalayas in year 2075. Riding Royal Enfields at altitudes up to eighteen thousand feet I’ll need to be physically, mentally and psychologically prepared. What will I bring? How will I travel, where will I ...

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