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May 2019 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau and Ryan Evans

By Ryan Evans and Shannon Aikau Photos & Video by Samantha M. Frontiera   This is the transcript of the May Count’s Kustoms video that is featured on quickthrottle.com Shannon: Aloha everybody.  This is Shop Talk with Shannon and… Ryan: Ryan.  How ya doing? Shannon: Well I know everybody has trouble with this, right?  Seat pans. Ryan: Yep. Shannon: This ...

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March 2019 Shop Talk With Shannon Aikau and Ryan Evans

Video & photos by Samantha Frontiera Shannon: What’s up everybody? Shannon from Count’s Kustoms. Ryan: How’s everybody? It’s Ryan. Shannon: And as you can see, we’ve got a few baggers going on right now. What is this? Extreme? Ryan: We’ve got Extreme Stretch, but still very rideable. You know it doesn’t have a 30 inch or even bigger front wheel. ...

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August 2018 Shop Talk with Ryan and Shannon

  Shannon: Aloha everybody!  Shop talk with Shannon and… Ryan: Ryan!  How you guys doing? Shannon: Today we are talking about bikes that actually come back to the shop for certain things.  Well this thing came back to the shop for an ignition problem. Ryan: Of all things… Shannon: I didn’t know it was an ignition, but that’s what it ...

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July 2018 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans

By Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans Photos by Ryan Tonry & Samantha M. Frontiera     Shannon:  Aloha gang, Shop Talk with Shannon… Ryan:  And Ryan. Shannon:  And Ryan, I wasn’t going to exclude you. Ryan:  I’m not worried about that.  What are we talking about? Shannon:  This cool bike that we built. Ryan:  Beautiful paint job, yeah that’s very cool. ...

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June 2018 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans

By Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans Photos by Ryan Tonry, Samantha M. Frontiera & Tom Christian   Ryan: Hey everybody, I’m Ryan Evans from Count’s Kustoms Shannon: I’m Shannon Aikau and this is Shop Talk with Shannon and Ryan today. Ryan: (staring at Shannon) Shannon: What? It is ShopTalk. Ryan: I know, I’ve never been part of ShopTalk…. Shannon: Me neither, it’s the ...

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