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6th Annual Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally

By Tom “Bomb” Christian The sixth Annual Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally in South Dakota was a blessing, because everyone was looking for ‘normal’ in these crazy times. Thank God it was in South Dakota where it was not under the stronghold of this Covid-19 virus, while a lot of other parts of America are affected. The folks who came from ...

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Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally 2019

By Tom “Bomb” Christian This year was the fifth annual Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally in South Dakota. It was a super hit with everyone who was involved.  Arriving in Deadwood after a long journey from Southern California via Arkansas, people ask me if my GPS was broken. After almost 3,000 miles of sightseeing I was ready for the 3 Wheeler ...

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3 Wheeler Rally – Deadwood, South Dakota

By Tom Christian* The Fourth Annual Deadwood  3 Wheeler Rally held July 10-15 in South Dakota started with me riding from Gillette, Wyoming to Deadwood after a 1,368.7 mile ride to Gillette. As the Travelodge at First Gold Gaming Resort was in sight, I thought of the person I needed to contact, Teresa Schanzenbach, the coordinator of this rally. It ...

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