Sturgis 2014 – The Biggest Rally in America – Part 2

By Perry and Traci, Photos by Rusty Childress

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Well; lets say “Rock-Stars”… in the motorcycle community. They were all here. And yes, real live ‘Rock n Roll’ “Rock-Stars” were here too.

Traci and I tried to meet as many people as we could, report on as much cool stuff as we could fit into our cameras and store in our memory banks. ..And we took a few notes.

Tuesday, August 5th

We started out by picking up more media credentials at the Media Center in downtown Sturgis, a new Tail light for our Dyna, hoping to not get pulled over a 4th time, and making an appointment for our Tatoos at the Tattoo Cellar.

Traci n I get new Tatoos every year we come out to Sturgis. Rich’s “Tattoo Cellar” is the only Tattoo parlor in the City of Sturgis that is open all year. A really nice place right on Main Street in the heart of the rally. Ya can’t miss it; there will be a couple shapely girls wearing nothing but paint standing out front , happy to get their picture taken with any and all who request it.

Next up for us were the “Biker Belles”(BBs) a unique group of ladies who ride together. Their long list of credits include: a movie documentary entitled “Driven to Ride” directed and produced by longtime Boulder CO resident; Michelle Bauer Carpenter, who uses the film to show how women continue to shape and push the boundaries of two-wheeled freedom.

On this day the Biker Belles put together a fund raising event at the world famous Buffalo Chip to raise money and awareness for people fighting cancer. The earlier Biker Bells run was canceled due to rain. That didn’t stop people from coming.

When we got there we immediately noticed a painting…wait a minute, that looks familiar, it’s our Quickthrottle July 2014 cover with; model Jessi Combs (worlds fastest woman on 4 wheels), a 1945 Navy Edition Harley Davidson, and a WWII SJN T-6 plane. The “Print” of a painting by Artist David Uhl was to be auctioned off.

Then we heard Jessi was here at the Buffalo Chip, No Way! … Turns out we got a few shots with her with our July magazine, which we happened to have with us, in front of the painting. And, of course, we had her autograph a few copies for us.

Jessi is a “ for real” Fabricator who can keep up with any guy. In that cover shot; that was what Jessi wore when she arrived to pose for David’s painting. He painted her just like that…She is one of the nicest people we met in Sturgis 2014, One of many true “Rock Stars” at this event benefiting cancer research…

I build and modify motorcycles and anybody running a lead battery in their bike may want to hear this: Lithium Ion Batteries are the future; they last at least twice as long are more powerful, carry a better warranty and weigh 1lb as opposed to 10 lbs.

UPG is one of the largest manufacturers of these batteries around. Eric Harbor, Kinetik General Manager invited us to The Top Shelf Lounge where UPG sponsored a party overlooking The Buffalo Chip main Stage. Tonight; Alice Cooper and Motley Crew, same old Alice Cooper, crazy as ever, the special affects for Motley Crew were just amazing, what used to be lighters are now cell phones and the encores are nothing but hundreds of Harley Davidson’s revving their motors. It looked like it got a little “Smokey” for those on the floor/dirt/mud, it did rain a bit, but through it all, a little rain felt good.

Wednesday, August 6th

We worked on getting our “Sonya Trike” ready for Thursday’s “Ratshole Show”. We went downtown to do a little souvenir shopping. If you shop around you can find a really cool Sturgis rally shirt for under 10 bucks.

For our readers information the reason so many people are seen wearing Sturgis shirts towards the end of the rally is because they are the only shirts they have that are clean. We learned this from our own personal experience.

Thursday, August 7th

Back to …well….kind of….work…We entered our Trike in the Ratshole Bike show. Traci put on her Custom made Rockabilly dress, made buy our friend Melissa Freed, and we made our way over to the Show , the Ratshole show was located just inside the entrance into the Buffalo Chip Campground. Over 100 bikes at the Ratshole Show.

We saw and talked to Brian Jenkins from Hatred Customs, one of the stars from the Discover Channel show Biker Battleground Arizona,…Brian was really nice, he had a couple bikes in the show and I told him about our Sonya Trike and he liked it and gave us a “Hatred” shirt for our disabled daughter “Sonya” …our Trikes namesake.

Hatred’s bikes in the “Extreme Bagger” part of the show featured 30” and the new 32” front wheels, and took best of show with the same bike he won Bikeweek Arizona with and his Red 32” mammoth took 4th . Our beloved “Sonya Trike also took a 4th place in the 3-wheeled class.. I can honestly say the 4th place trophies are just as ugly as the first place trophy’s. that big ugly bronze Rat head that we all dream of winning… My Traci, while at the Ratshole Bike Show spent some time with another star; our very own Miss Arizona Bike Week 2014 Staci Wilson… Staci said: “since winning she tries to attend as many bike rallys and events as possible”, and Sturgis being the biggest, she just couldn’t resist.

By far the prettiest thing at the Ratshole show was my wife, I’m no dummy, seriously, she got more pictures taken of her than most the bikes did. There was a band that played a little Johnny Cash before the trophy ceremony and we did swing dance a bit… Traci tricked me into taking lessons a few years ago an we do a pretty good “Lindy”… finally!… a trophy to take home to the campground at the end of the day!

Friday, August 8th

We had a lot to fit in this day… We started out with Tattoos, headed over to the “Tattoo Cellar” Traci said to tattoo my elbow this time, why did I agree to this? Anyway mine turned out pretty cool and so did Traci’s. Thanks Bubba! The day before Bubba won the Ratshole Tattoo Contest with work he did on his wife Melissa. Or should I say Melissa won…Melissa won.

Nursing our new ink we shot over to easyrider on our dyna. Still a little gunshy… making sure to come to complete stops, with both feet down and checking our taillight not wanting to get pulled over again.

John Shope of “DirtyBird” he didn’t really want to talk much, I think he just woke up…These Builders from Biker Battleground Arizona (BBA) were in high demand in Sturgis this week. Similar to Orange County Choppers when it first came out.

Still John took time to talk to us and was cordial. Len from AZZKIKR , also from BBA went out of his way to talk to us. Len, I feel, got put in a bad light on the show. Len is a very good businessman and Len remembers all the hands he shook on the way up. Len didn’t get his Sturgis Cadillac bike done for the rally, but hey, he just moved his business 3000 miles… I get the strong feeling that if I bought a bike from Len (AZZKIKR) and anything went wrong with it or I didn’t like the bike for any reason he would make it right… I just got the feeling he was out to make sure his clients were happy.

Cody from Voodoo: I could just feel his excitement at being where he is today . he’s the young guy, outspoken, cocky, but I really like his style on his builds.

On the Show “BBA” all 5 builders were given 5000.00 and a used Florida HWY Patrol Harley Davidson and that they would compete to build the best custom bagger for not more than than 5000.00 worth of add ons. I liked the bike Cody built the best.

Paul Yaffee of Bagger Nation We didn’t talk to. To steal some lines from the Late John Hughes: “We sacrificed almost a whole day to write a story about these BBA builders; in the simplest terms & the most convenient definitions what we found out was that each & everyone of them was: a Brain, a Basket Case, a Athlete, a Princess, and a Criminal. Sincerely yours, the builders club”

We met with Misfit industries, a fairly new company, I really like their line of builder parts. One of their custom baggers took first place at the easyrider show. They supplied the necks for several of the builders on the show BBA. They were giving away free tattoos at their display area at Easy Rider across from DirtyBirds display area. You could feel a little competition there. Misfit’s: Derek, Chris, Aaron, and Dana were some of the nicest people we met.

That night I got to meet Jack Russel of Jack Russel’s Great White, not to be confused with Great White. Having seen both bands this year I feel Jack has still got that voice that I fell in love with, the song “Save all your love” sung by him is amazing and was, once again, amazing this night.

Saturday-Sunday, August 9th-10th

On our way out of town we did get pulled over for the 4th time, dusk without my headlights on…. The officer told me “ we do pull a lot of people over” “but something is working” …”we only had 3 fatalities this rally” Suddenly I wasn’t so irritated…

While driving through Las Vegas, New Mexico… that’s right… Las Vegas, New Mexico….we stopped at a super 8 motel, one of the nicest motel we’ve ever been to. Long story short… met the city manager and fire chief and found they do a big rally the week before Sturgis… the last week of July. Their town is just beautiful… the whole city fills with bikes…looks like we leave for Sturgis a little early next year…