StepOne Tech Develops First Sustainable Biofuel Solution for Motor Bike Market

Company Makes Breakthrough in Delivering Bioethanol Fuel for Growing Green Bike Market

TAMPERE, FINLAND –StepOne Tech, a leading developer and manufacturer of environmentally-friendly bioethanol fuel technologies, today announced the first sustainable biofuel solution for the global motor bike market. Compatible also with dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and jet skis, the StepOne Tech motor bike product is currently marketed in France, and will be sold as a separate product in the company’s eFlexFuel line.
Previously, bioethanol was seen as a potential hazard for motorcycles, as there were no solutions available to safely use it in small engines. StepOne Tech has developed a solution that stabilizes motorcycle’s engine to run on any mix of gasoline and bioethanol. StepOne Tech plans to market its motor bike fuel in the U.S. market in 2021, where the recreational vehicle market has gained during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Americans have sought road trips in record numbers.

“We now have the first solution for riding a motor bike in a sustainable manner, ending the debate over the efficacy of biofuel for the two-and-three-wheeled bike market,” said Juha Honkasalo, chief business development officer of StepOne Tech. “We have proven that riders will get substantially more performance with their bikes using our biofuel.”
The StepOne Tech eFlexFuel E85 conversion kit product line includes eFleXeco, eFleXplus, and eFleXpro. eFlexFuel products are compatible with most gasoline and hybrid vehicles, which use gasoline as a second power source. Compatible with 1-to-8-cyclinder engines and 4-stroke motorbikes with electronically-controlled multipoint fuel injection (MPI, the product is compatible with more than 200 million vehicles in the US and more than one billion vehicles globally. StepOneTech is currently working on a new generation of the technology that will expand the compatibility further.
The eFlexFuel operating principle is based on processing the fuel injection signals that are received from the electronic control unit (ECU) of the engine. The fuel injection is controlled by the eFlexFuel conversion kit according to the fuel being used. The vehicle’s own emission control systems remain fully functional and fuel injection is always optimized in real time.


StepOne Tech Ltd. develops and manufactures eFlexFuel, a leading brand of bioethanol conversion kits that delivers an affordable solution for decreasing CO2 emissions and improving air quality. According to the company, eFlexFuel has enabled more than 500 million miles to have been driven with bioethanol, cutting approximately 100 thousand tons of CO2 emissions. For more information, visit the company’s web site at