Steel Horse Saloon’s Trifecta, Patrick’s Run

By Perry & Traci Nelson

Starting at the end of March through the first week of April motorcycle enthusiasts head down to my beautiful hometown state of Arizona, where there are motorcycle events and activities throughout the entire state. One of the first events that happens, in the Phoenix metro area, is the Trifecta.


The Trifecta is a Bike Week kickoff event that features one of the biggest bike shows, best music from local artists, vendors and of course the “World Famous” Frozen T-Shirt contest. Maybe not world famous but it’s pretty cool…get it?… Cool. Ok sorry about that, I couldn’t resist.

Not only were the T-shirts ice cold, and had to be dunked in water to unfold, but…wait for it… for the first time in the history of the Trifecta the Frozen T-Shirt Competition was co-ed… OMG…dudes? Really? …Ugh. A split of the $600.00 (raised at the event) first place prize, $300.00 each. Check out the pictures in the gallery. I could write a page on how the contest went down….It was fun…no really… it was. 

I’m pretty sure the guy’s name was Walt that won for the men… not sure… he skated out of there pretty quick…take the money and run… The girl was really nice but “No name guys” sorry.. I got their pictures though…HA!

The bands were: TopTop, Unchained, and Moonshine Voodoo with local talent Mark Beitman MC’ing the craziness. A new stage was built by Rick (Steel Horse Saloon’s owner), Mark and company.  Most attendees rode their bikes to this event with beautiful 80 degree spring weather in Arizona this 31st day of March 2019.

Setup was at 9am and Rick was nice enough to give us a 10X10 spot to put our easy up canopy and our Quick Throttle Magazine banners.  Bob from Law Tigers was in attendance in their booth next to us.

Traci, our friend Terence and I handed out some new and past issues of Quick Throttle Magazine. I rolled in my Sonya Trike, a bike I built for our disabled daughter. Another friend Stephany Hatch did some modeling for us with attendees.

Several bike clubs were there with booths selling support gear; along with a ton of vendors including Pork on a Fork and a full outside bar. You could wander in the Steel Horse Saloon, the main event was in the parking lot, play pool and get the best chicken tenders, monster onion rings, and killer burritos.. When you are inside be sure to wet your whistle at Steel Horse’s huge double bar. It’s nice n cool inside. People back east warm up for the chilly ride home; here in Arizona we cool down before the warm ride home.

The bike show was sponsored by Raw Customs and had some really cool rides that they built, in their booth at the Trifecta; along with Ramjets Racing, David Mann and the Calendar Show in LA, are where some builders take their new creations to see how their bike will fare in Sturgis, Vegas and Rocky Point …etc. That’s what I used to do anyway…

It’s been a couple years since I built a custom and I have a lot of bike building ideas in my head. Old School Chopper builds are a safe bet for picking up a trophy these days.

The top Trifecta/Raw Customs Bike Show winners were:

*Best of Show: Panhead Custom Chopper raked a little (hardtail) built by Al Hines

*Best Custom Chopper: Triumph T110 Pre-unit built by Carlos Boubion

*Best Dyna: 2014 Custom Lowrider built by Stuart Fishburne


Three weeks after the Trifecta, April 21st Easter Sunday, was the Patrick Eberhardt Memorial Ride and Charity Auction. “An Angel Lives Through Those That Give.” Patrick Eberhardt was one of the youngest members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He died while riding; Patrick was shot along with two other members over four years ago. The investigation into his death is still open. Patrick was our neighbor and friend. Patrick loved kids, animals, and motorcycles. The event is dedicated to the remembrance of Patrick.

This fundraising event took place at the Steel Horse Saloon, the same location as the Trifecta. It raised $35,000: $20,000 for the Child Crisis Center (care of Tina Lopez). $7,500 for the Community Canine Project working with the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) to help rehabilitate and place dogs in homes. $7,500 for Protect The Children Inc. via Unbroken MC.

This event was supported by the Cave Creek chapter of the Hells Angels as well as many other chapters throughout the world. Bikers Against Child Abuse, Hooligans MC, ALMA MC, and many many other clubs and organizations also supported this event.

The Patrick Eberhardt Memorial Ride and Charity Auction is one of the biggest packs we have ridden and some of the best riders in the Valley. Please check out the video of us riding with this huge pack of skilled riders.