Star Motorcycles Unveils New BOLT

IMG_0082 Working for a motorcycle publication does have some pretty cool perks. 1: getting to ride new bikes for a few weeks at a time, 2: Attending unveiling of new bikes and checking out new stuff before anyone else gets to see it!  Oh, yea and the open bar and killer food is pretty awesome too.  Two Thumbs up here.  It was a great night of moto chat, cool promo videos put out by STAR really showing the focus of target market “Hipster” types. Well I think they are calling them “Millennials” or Generation Y types.

IMG_0022The night was all about the new “star”  in the line up for Star Motorcycles. It is a new motorcycle called the “BOLT”.  The bikes were unveiled at THE SMOG SHOPPE in Los Angeles on March 6th,Just a few days before it’s big announcement to the world at 2013 Daytona Bike week.

By the looks of this bike and what they were telling us is “OLD SCHOOL, NEW THINKING” they really are going for a bare-bones basic bike that was pretty cool and very affordable.  This bike will retail for $7,990.00.  Some of the small things on it I wasn’t a huge fan of STOCK WISE, but ya know how we always make each bike our OWN.  I would say as a base for something affordable, this would be a great FIRST BIKE purchase.

IMG_0064The engine is a 942cc air cooled 4 stroke, V-Twin.

5 speed multiplate wet clutch with belt drive.

Fuel Injected, TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition.)

There are 2 color options for this bike that makes its sales debut in April:

Raven (all black) and Pearl White

14_bolt_blk_3And you can see with this bike, Star is going after the “Sportster” models pretty hard.  Almost the same price offer and everything.   Hopefully we’ll get a chance to ride this bike and let you know how they measure up!

Heath M. Cofran