Spring Thaw

By Tracey Kohman

East Coast in the springtime is when everything wakes up from the cold snowy winter…trees are growing their leaves back, the flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, and the bikes are coming out! Time for excitement and time to celebrate having made it through the winter months!

One such celebration has been held in Northampton, PA for the last four years, called Spring Thaw. Welcoming the warmer weather East Coast style! What better way to celebrate than with the epic live classic rock band, “Still Kick’n.” Can’t have a bike celebration without a bike show, raffle, and of course shopping the vendors. The rumbling of the bikes coming and going is a great backdrop for shopping!

I visited some of the vendor booths, including the Strip Club Chopper’s booth, where I bought a tank top shirt with their logo on…the most unique item was the Harley they had displayed in front of their booth, it had a stripper pole on the back of it. I could almost imagine using this while going down the highway…or….maybe not! This should however be an optional accessory offered by all motorcycle manufacturers!

I saw a lot of the old favorites, A.B.A.T.E had their booth,  insurance salesmen, and the Leatherneck Nation…H.O.G … I came to a booth whose name was not one I had previously seen, Brothers and Sisters against Suicide. After a personal loss this organization was formed.

I was able to broadcast quite a bit of the band, who were performing a lot of favorites…from White Snake to John Cougar. Videos are on our FaceBook page.

I completely enjoyed all that was offered at this event and will look forward to going again next year.

These are the first winners of the season:

Cruiser Class: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley-Davidson

1st place:  2012 Road King

2nd place: 2017 FLHSE

H-D Stock Class:

1st place: 1947 H-D

2nd place: 2001 Sportster


1st place:  2015 H-D Fatboy

2nd place: 2017 Sportster 1200xl

Trike Class

1st place:  Trike

2nd place: 2015 Trike

H-D Chopper

1st place:  1988 Softail

2nd place:  2011 Dyna Wide Glide

Best of show:  1947 H-D