Sons Of Anarchy: Season 6, Part 2

“Can they really show that on TV?”

Story by Ray Seidel
Photos courtesy of FX

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SOA1By “Can they really show that on TV” I’m actually referring to more than one scene. Kurt Sutter tries to push the boundary in storytelling, not for its own sake to be shocking, but in a way that is “organic” (as he puts it) to the mythology of the story and the characters. The dark explosive action has us coming back while the twists and turns of the characters keep us on the edge of our seat. Episode 601 begins with Jax echoing his own father JT in writing letters to his sons, offering what advice he can, even as he himself tries to navigate between the world of an outlaw MC as President of the Club, while being a good father and husband in a legitimate life.

Last season Jax used Clay’s pistol to murder Damon Pope’s henchman to save Tig, and Pope is soon gunned down by Tig; Clay is framed for the murder, arrested, and a bounty placed on him by Pope’s right hand man August Marks. Jax is still on the hook to August to turn over Tig (who accidentally killed Pope’s daughter) per their prior agreement. After Opie’s funeral, Lyla has adopted his kids Kenny and Ellie, and now works for Diosa International managed by Nero Padilla, and told by Jax she has the help of the whole Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Lyla takes on some additional porn star work with some Persian filmmakers, not knowing they make torture porn movies, and returns to the Club cut up and burned. Jax recruits Nero to join the Club to pay the Persians a little visit to end to torture of their women. Having the Persians go toe to toe with the Club in general, and Tig in particular, does not go well when one threatens Tig’s daughter, the other whom has already been burned alive by Pope. Kim Coates does a wonderful job as Tig with his understated menace, and is a highpoint in this episode showing the duality of this character.

5Clay, now framed and in prison in a private cell is visited by former U.S. Marshal Lee Toric, brother of the nurse whom Otto killed. Toric has the Club in his crosshairs. Tara, who planned to leave Charming, is also in prison, under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder using the crucifix she gave Otto. Gemma threatened Tara with the police saying she would tell them that Tara was aware of Otto’s plan to kill the nurse using the crucifix she gave him as a murder weapon. But after learning the ways of being an “Ol’ Lady” from pack mother Gemma, she’s better equipped to take care of herself than your average pediatrician.

3Season 6 begins by giving us everything we love and come to expect in the top rated show on cable – compelling characters we’re invested in, with a perfect balance of concord and discord. As soon as we think there a calm, events will grab you and shake you up. The mythology is now so thick with these events and characters, every episode so far filmed is Super-Sized, so cook up your nachos for your weekly event. We can’t wait to see where this ride goes.

We talk to Kim Coates, who invited us last year to his daughter’s fundraiser for her work in Africa helping needy children known as ONEHEARTSOURCE –

Kim: I’m very proud of her, and very proud of what she’s doing, working with kids who have literally nothing. Kyla’s fluent in Swahili, fluent in French – she’s savin’ the world, man. It’s really, really cool to see. It’s nice that we can all help out. As you know, last year was the first time ever – that all of us, plus 4 of the semi-regulars – came to an event that wasn’t opening night, and for $200 bucks – you saw it Ray – these 200 people who got their tickets first, dinner, drinks, pictures of all the SONS, find out about Kyla – she made a speech – anyway it was a very emotional night. We’re doing another on October 19th, on sale now.

[See my interview with Kim and Kyla on our QUICK THROTTLE Facebook page, with a link for tickets.]

Q: How do you feel your character has progressed? You’re one of the favorite characters – you and Tommy.

Kim: I feel great – it’s a great question – I think the very first season Tig was the kind of guy that you hated to love and you loved to hate, right? He always pulled that trigger first before his brains, always. We have this beautiful sign in the Club that says “Brains Before Bullets” but Tig doesn’t know about that mantra at all. And I think by last season Tig has come so full circle…he still has issues, he’s still screwed up, but he’s a loyal motherf***er. He’s a loyal, loyal club guy. And he loves animals, he loves women, he loves the underdog, and I think last season was the season he was loved by everybody. I don’t do a character to be loved, but I do a character that’s whole. And I think Kurt Sutter has made Tig really whole; very, very…he’s funny, he’s loyal, he’s sexy [laughs] – you know what I mean, he’s really got the full thing going on, and I love playing him, so, it’s going to be very interesting to see where Tig takes his last breath. I’m sure that’s comin’…you know I think we’re all going to die eventually, so we’ll see what happens.

Q: Is the character where you thought he’d be?

Kim: No. I didn’t know, you know? This is my first regular television series. I’ve done parts and all these movies, but I’ve never been a regular, so I didn’t know if it would be a hit, or a flop, or one season – we’re going into season 6, we’re the biggest hit on cable. I’m part of the show, part of this incredible cast. Supporting Charlie, Katie, and Ron like all of us do. I’m just so proud to be on this show and I’ve learned so much as an actor and yet I can’t wait to move on. It’s been a great ride; I can’t wait for a different time. It’s been great and I love playing the guy.

Q: Kim’s been busy on TWITTER with his charities.

Kim:  I’m doing it for my father, for awareness of the military, awareness of the Staten Strong, and yet – it’s work. I mean, my fans – I have a lot of freakin’ fans, and so I’m taken’ pictures and doin’ stuff, and trying to be a good Twitterer – I’m trying to be good at it, so – it’s full on and I’m a very busy boy and life’s full, and we should be so lucky to be able to give back when you’re a bit of a celebrity now, being a celebrity of SONS OF ANARCHY has changed it all – I can’t go anywhere – none of us can. So to be able to use that for my charities and my fund raisers and also to give the fans a few pictures along the way – I guess that’s pretty cool, right?

COMMENT: Kim & Kyla Coates event is very different from the BOOT RIDE, which also allows meeting the SOA cast.  This is FOUR HOURS – cocktail attire – limited to 200 people, so plenty of time to rub elbows with the talent, which included fan favorites Ryan, David, Emilio, and of course Charlie. Many SOA item were up for auction, the crown jewel being a set visit. For some time SOA has been a closed set even for cast and crew – “NO FRIENDS, NO FAMILY, NO EXCEPTIONS” – so here was a rare opportunity. Get your tickets today.

796We later catch up with our favorite Mayan, Emilio Rivera at Glendale Harley Davidson during the LOVE RIDE pre-event.

Q: Is Alvarez doing anything this season?

Emilio: I can’t talk about that Ray, otherwise I’m going to die, and I don’t want to die. [Smiles]

Q: What projects are you working on right now?

Emilio: Water and Power is coming out later this year – I want you to come, you’re going to love it. I just finished a movie called Time and In Between, a boxing movie – a coming of age movie. [Emilio was once a boxer himself with the nickname “Lefty” as that was all it took to put someone’s lights out.] I’ve got a new series called Gang Related for FOX as well. We start filming in September, and it’ll be coming out in November sometime. Channel 11 in LA. Can’t show as much as on FX, but still be pretty hard hitting show. Really.

Q: Are you producing?

Emilio:  I’m producing Water and Power. I call it a love story between two brothers – I play a paraplegic homeboy and I’m really proud of this roll. I’m having a big screening in about 6 weeks at the Chinese MANN – I want you there. [Hey, I’m in for that.]

Q: And what about the boxing movie?

Emilio: I’m acting in that one – I play a boxing trainer. And I work with these youngsters – who – like 15 years old who could probably knock the shit out of me – they’re strong kids. When you know what you’re doing they’re really bad ass. It’s really fun working with them.

Q: Boxing, Water and Power, what was that 3rd one?

Emilio: GANG RELATED. You know Chris Morgan, who writes all the FAST AND FURIOUS movies, is the main writer on this show, and a great cast. That will also be on FOX.

Q: Anything else?

Emilio: Filly Brown comes out on DVD [now out] so please check out that movie as well, I’m really proud of that movie as well with Eddy Olmos. And thank you Eddy Olmos for helping us with Water and Power.

Q: I saw Filly Brown at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL as you know, it had a standing ovation, and not a dry eye in the house. Anything else?

Emilio: That’s about it; watch Sons of Anarchy September 10th. You’re in for a crazy ride. It’s going to be an emotional season.

777A question for the beautiful Maggie Siff: How is Tara getting along in season 6?

Maggie: As bad as things get, she never totally loses her mind. If anything it seems to clarify her purpose. And I think going into this season…with the loss of Ken [episode 601] and where their relationship is, and also what her sense of the reality of the world is – she’s more focused than ever. It’s really about trying to have a very clear head, and about how to get out. It’s one of the things I’ve enjoyed – like, every time I think she’s going to fall apart, she kind of refocuses. You see her in “the world” playing by the rules of the world a little bit more, but the intention is something else.

Q: What do you have planned off season when this season wraps up?

Maggie: I’m going back to New York to do a play, which I’ve done my off seasons for the last few years, so I’m going to do off Broadway to do a play The Curious Case of the Winston Intelligence, and after that I don’t know.

Q: No plans after the series wraps up?

Maggie: Not yet. I wish we could get jobs that far in advance. I wish I could book myself five years in advance, but…sadly…

Q: Any aspirations to writing or directing, or stay with acting?

Maggie: [Pauses to think about that] My aspirations are mostly with acting. I mean I come from the theater. I feel I’m already balancing worlds and careers in a way because my career when I’m in New York theater feels pretty distinct from here in LA – and I know it’s all the same thing, but it feels differently actually.

Q: Do you plan to stay in LA, or go back east?

Maggie: [Smiles] I don’t know.

Q: And do you prefer comedy, or drama, or action, or…?

Maggie: I actually like both – I’m more often cast in dramatic roles, but I love comedy. I know this show is a very dark, dark world, so it’s nice to lighten it up.

Q: What more can we expect from your character.

Maggie: Tara has some more violent encounters this season. And she’s more Gemma like than ever, in her plotting and the way she’s thinking she needs to proceed, she’s kind of feeling the lessons she’s learned from her – so you see a very “crafty” side of her – (and sometimes a violent side of her) – but I think her ultimate goal is to get out.


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