August 2019 Shop Talk with Shannon Aikau and Ryan Evans

With Shannon Aikau & Ryan Evans

Photos & Video by Samantha M. Frontiera

This is the transcript of the August Count’s Kustoms video featured on

Shannon: What’s up everybody, this is Shop Talk with Shannon…

Ryan: And Ryan.

Shannon: Today we’re talking about, with many other things, bringing in a motorcycle that you already have and us doing some work to it, so we don’t have to… (I think it’s what?) …break the bank.

Ryan: Break the bank with a ground up build.  You don’t have to do that.  That’s classic Harley-Davidson customizing.  You have your factory Harley-Davidson. You either de-chrome it or add chrome to it. And it never hurts to add a custom paint job.  This bike in case.

Shannon: Custom paint job.

Ryan: Yeah it’s getting a wicked, wicked custom paint job.  Shannon’s been going to town.

Shannon: Well, we’re putting it together. So add in just the right amount of black, the right amount of different parts on it.

Ryan: Right, so we’re de-chroming this bike for the most part.

Shannon: Yeah, de-chroming it.  Putting a new set of wheels on it. A front end. New bars. Went with the stock front-end look, just put a fairing on it.  Blackened some stuff out.  Forward controls. Exhaust and your crazy paint.

Ryan: Cool.  Well August is here and it’s hotter than hell (in Las Vegas).

Shannon: That’s why I’m in this. (holding his hands up to show the air conditioned room he’s working in)

Ryan: In the A/C…

Shannon: Yeah, my nice little A/C room.

Ryan: I know what to do with paint, but what do you do with the bike for either long travel or just flat out, it’s hot as hell.

Shannon: Right, right.  Well, you gotta make sure you’ve got good sneakers on your bike.  Because dry-rot, and your tires are hard.  You go out there, ride around and you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place.

Ryan: Heated oily roads.

Shannon: Yeah.  Your brakes.  Make sure your brakes are good.  Your grips.  People overlook the grips.  All sticking to your hands and stuff, getting nasty. When you wash your bike, that’s the best time to go and look at all your nuts and bolts. You want to look at everything.

Ryan: Good point. Tighten your nuts and bolts. Check out your grips.  Make sure everything’s loose, moving the way it’s supposed to do.

Shannon: Make sure your lights work.

Ryan: Yeah, make sure your lights are working. Uhm, oil changes.

Shannon: Yeah, oil changes. if you haven’t ridden your bike in a while, it’s still good to change your oil.  You can’t say I haven’t ridden it in a while. No, still change your oil.

Ryan: The viscosity still changes while it’s sitting there eating up one way or another.

Shannon: You’ve got condensate, you’ve got water in things.  You’ve got to check it.

Ryan: When I get asked about what do I do about my paint in the sun.  Do I keep it out of the sun?  What do I do with it? I don’t like to hear people say that I don’t ride my bike because I don’t want it in the sun. I hate that.  Paint fades, no matter what.  No matter what the brand is, what the manufacturer is or what you’ve done to it. But I promise you that the best way to protect your paint either for a long ride or bar-hopping: Wax.  Wax, wax, wax. If you can walk up to your sheet metal (and run your finger across it) and you get that squeaky clean window feel, your paint is way too dry.

Shannon: My bike’s bare metal, how you gonna wax that?

Ryan: Wax bare metal!

Shannon: There you have it!

Ryan: You can wax bare metal, powder coat, paint, chrome, to a degree.  Billet aluminum, keep the wax off the billet aluminum, you’ll just be beating your head against a wall. Wax. Wax, wax, wax.

Shannon: Well there you have it that’s Shop Talk with Shannon & Ryan.

Ryan: Thanks guys

Shannon: Aloha