Shop Talk

By Shannon Aikau & Horny Mike

Photos & Video by Samantha M. Frontiera


Shannon: What’s up everybody?  This is… Uhm, what are we doing?  Where’s Ryan?

Horny Mike: I don’t know, I’m not his keeper.

Shannon: This is Shop Talk with Shannon and the Horny One

Horny Mike: (Bangs vise with hammer) The MAN!

Shannon: Hey!

Horny Mike: I hit the right thing, not the fender.

Shannon: Today we are talking about tools, not this tool next to me.

Horny Mike: Heavy ass tools, want me to re-shape this fender?

Shannon: You know what this is right here?  Trulers? I think you should learn.  Do you know how to use these?

Horny Mike: I know how.

Shannon: This is a Truler right here.

Horny Mike: Let me warm up the back of my hand.  I don’t want to smack you with a cold hand.

Shannon: You want me to get some powder and show you a pimp slap? Anyways. So this is what we use, or we’ve been using to get things straight.  Do you want to explain?

Horny Mike: Let’s just be honest.  Ryan started using them first and then Shannon just kinda jumped on the bandwagon with us.

Shannon: What, borrowed it out of his toolbox?

Horny Mike: Yeah, yeah.

Shannon: It’s a good tool to borrow.

Horny Mike: Well I’m just saying that these are Ryan’s Trulers, you know.

Shannon: Does it say Ryan’s name on it?

Horny Mike: Well, I don’t know, I’m going to look. But either way.

Shannon: You guys get the gist of it, you put it on something and it’s like a sticky ruler.  And you can’t mess it up. You put it on here, you get the correct measurements, Mike?

Horny Mike: I don’t know. You didn’t lay it down very smooth, you apparently can mess it up.

Shannon: Hey, hey, this is just demonstration, will you stop?

Horny Mike: Either way, yes, you know how hard it is to run a ruler all the way around something like this? Bam, you can stretch this on, stick it, you know your exact marks.  Bam you can peel it up and throw it away.  Grab another roll and start again.  Sorry did I take over?  (smacking hammer on the bench)

Shannon: Yeah, you took over. But anyway have a great day.  Aloha!

Horny Mike: Aloha.

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