Sedona or Bust

This year has been a real busy year so far with covering events and Bike nights, Poker runs etc. Trying to get more Southwest involvement in the many things we riders do and charities we cover. So every once in awhile as you all know we need to get away for a little break. Get out and ride and forget about work, deadlines and promoting the magazine as I love to do. A few riders/friends from my other job, you know the one that pays the bills. Sorry CD!Well we decided on a trip and with every other weekend a 3-day weekend it was time to get away. Planning which weekend proved to be a chore as everyone had plans and things going on but we did plan a weekend and it was set. Nothing was going to change it.

With Friday off we went! Carmen Special and myself, Billy on his ride and his wife Tracy driving the chase car with Jacob, Kim and Mick on there rides and Larry on his set up to meet for breakfast to start our trip. The destination was Sedona AZ, a place I have never been to and was looking forward to it as I had heard about how beautiful the country side was. We had chosen the scenic route to make it more back roads and to see more of our great state.

From Tucson AZ we took Oracle through Oro Valley and then got on route 77 up through and onto 188. This is when the weather was warming up a little and having the chase car was most welcome. We stopped at Roosevelt Lake and with myself being from California in my past life it was nice, but were are the trees? A lake without trees was different but hey, it is the desert. As we headed on we saw the sign Jakes Corner and knowing Famous Jake and the sound of it I knew we could get a cold beer. Jakes Corner can not be missed what an awesome place. Cold beer and many Cowboy films have been filmed there. This is a stop that you need to make at least just for a break. Also, the beer is really cold. From there we started the real good time – getting on 260 we climbed in altitude and was met by some wonderful big Pine trees with the air cool and the scenery beyond your imagination. With a few twist and turns, oh man this is what it is all about. A Biker’s dream, well it’s mine anyway. Making our way into Cottonwood, we needed the rest and found our home for the next few days.

Early the next morning I woke to execute a plan I had wanted to do since I had heard about it and was told it is a life experience. That was to head to Historic 89A through Jerome, a mining town that was a ghost town and they are now rebuilding and meeting up with the Mingus Mountain Drive, 158 twisty, curves, hills and hairpin turns and all within 12 miles. At 5:30 in the morning I can say I put the Road King and myself through a workout. This I believe is a part of God’s country in our USA and if you haven’t experience it this is a must. I have the shirt to prove it. Heading back to gather my friends and wife I am sure anyone who saw me saw all smiles (What a trip).

Now what this ride was all about was to see Sedona and this is another wonder of our nation. As you head down 89A east you come upon the biggest and most wonderful view of red rock formations that pictures cannot capture. Carmen Special was taking pictures and our group was in awe. Stopping in the town of Sedona so the women could shop and the guys could relax, you just let the country side fill you with peace. Eating lunch in a fine dinning establishment that served Buffalo burgers we toured the town and of course I had to shop at the Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson store for my shirt local shirt. Yes they also carry Quick Throttle Magazine and a lot of fine motor clothing and gifts. We then headed more east to find the rock slide that is formed into the mountains. Could we stop and enjoy the water? Well not this day as it was packed so all I was able to get was pictures but you can see this is a place to cool off.

Well I saw Sedona and hated to leave, but we decided to head back to Cottonwood. On our way we meant up with our other friends Steve and his wife Kathy who just road in from Tucson. After saying our hellos we decided to return to Jerome and view the town and eat a Haunted Burger at the Jerome Place. At some point all rides have to come to an end, so a few of us decided that we would head out early the next day to enter back into reality. Taking the fast route home through Phoenix, the fast pace of life returned as well, and we were back.

This ride just proved one thing – you have to take the time and see the country side. There are so many places to see and enjoy even if it is just a weekend. So many of us get tangled in our web and don’t take the time to enjoy this land, and ya know this trip didn’t cost much. I again need to thank Billy, Tracy, Kim, Mick, Larry, Steve, Kathy, Jacob, and Carmen Special for a wonderful weekend.

Ride Safe and Far. Wild Bill

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