Rocky Point Rally, part two

By Perry and Traci Nelson

The fiesta begins about a mile before rally goers enter Puerto Penasco, at the Barclin’s Pemex gas station. The ‘Rocky Point Rally Welcome Center’ is ready with rally registration, food and music. It’s here where we meet up with old friends and find out about everything that’s going on during the rally. There were several booths set up for registration and rally merchandise, and there was also a ‘Kings Day Toy Run’ booth where riders could drop off toy donations for the King’s Day Toy Run held January 11th, 2020.

This is also where rally goers will first meet the Rocky Point Riders MC. This local MC prepares the best food, usually enough to feed hundreds, and are instrumental in supporting this rally along with the Kings Day Toy Run. We picked up our packets which included: free boarding passes on the Pirate Boat, a local map, rally schedule, when and where for runs, and many other goodies! The Official Kick-Off Party of the Rocky Point Rally always starts Thursday night at Banditos with bands playing throughout the night.
Many people ride in on Friday, when you can find a party wherever you go, especially all along Old Port in Malecon. Another check-in point is located at the Playa Bonita where you’ll find a table set up just outside by the entrance. After we were settled into our room it was time to head out and join in the fun. First, we headed over to deliver the ‘47 Knucklehead, a motorcycle Perry worked on, to our friend Max Fu and his wife Geni; owners of ‘Joyeria Max’ (Max’s Jewelry). We ended the evening back at the Playa Bonita for the Annual Beach Fiesta where the band Element played classic rock favorites.

Saturday is the biggest day of the rally where people from all over the world come to join in the monster fiesta. It starts with a parade that winds through town where families line the streets to see the motorcycles ride by. Most motorcyclists in the parade bring plenty of candy so they can throw big handfuls to the kids as they ride by, so that just one kid doesn’t get the most. The candies roll towards the families like waves in the ocean. It’s so much fun watching the kids’ faces, full of excitement, as they catch the candy. The parade of motorcycles ends in Old Port Malecon where the rally lives up to its name of being the “Greatest Motorcycle Fiesta South of the Border.”

This year there were not one but two bike shows with an amazing view of the gulf as a backdrop. This is where we met up with the Quick Throttle crew at the first-ever ‘Queen of the Streets’ all-women-riders bike show hosted by Dazzlin’s Bling Devas MC. Our publisher Michael Cupp was in attendance to help out with the Bling Devas/Quick Throttle/Diva Tequila sponsored bike show and snapped some photos for the Quick Throttle article about this event.

After a great day at the fiesta along Old Port, we went back to our room to rest and get ready for the night at the Rocky Point Riders Stage on Calle 13 next to Guau Guau. Rumors about Calle 13 live up to its reputation as the place to be when the sun sets. Picture a half-mile strip with what appears to be thousands of people, many locals, partying and in some cases getting crazy, AKA: your normal Saturday night rally stuff.

Music was playing everywhere along the strip with plenty of food vendors serving up traditional Mexican favorites. Just a warning about trying to ride your bike down Calle 13; the street is so packed with people that you’re literally working the clutch continually between neutral and first gear while carefully maneuvering so as not to bump into anyone. We usually ride down a side street to park behind the Rocky Point Riders Stage to avoid the crowd. Just look for the Guau Guau strip club and you’ll find their stage. They have the best bands on Calle 13 with plenty of room for dancing to classic rock as well as local favorites. It is a little surreal listening to Pink Floyd and Super Tramp played to almost perfection by a group of guys all wearing cowboy hats with stand up basses… But they pulled it off. We had a blast hanging out with friends who later insisted we follow them into the notorious Guau Guau, and after many years of going to the Rocky Point Riders Stage, we were a bit curious. Let’s just say they don’t follow the same guidelines that you’ll see in the states, and leave it with, “What happens in Rocky Point stays in Rocky Point!”

Sunday the fiesta is winding down, so it is a great day to take in the sights, relax on the beach or maybe take a free Pirate Boat cruise. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Playa Del Sol restaurant next to the Playa Bonita and spent the day being beach bums. We went back to our room to shower up and headed out to Manny’s Beach Club where the party was still going! It’s a huge restaurant/bar on the beach with a stage next to a pool bar. We mainly came to hang out with our friend Kristi and all her girls, Kristi brings down the professional pole and fire dancers, Kadene, Heather and four others from Vegas. They are incredible on the pole! We had dinner together with them and made some funny videos. (Check out the QT website Gallery.) Traci and I had so much fun with these gals, literally swinging and dancing the night away!

Monday was another beach day. We had a lot of beach time since it was right outside the door from our room at the Playa Bonita. Visiting with friends and just riding around enjoying Puerto Penasco was our last adventure. Max, our local buddy in Rocky Point, invited us to hop into his Rhino; like fools we did… Scared the crap out of us going up a very steep hill just south of Malecon. I’m really not cool with me not driving in life or death situations. Another video to check out on or the Quick Throttle Facebook page.

Then dinner at Capone’s for pizza and Monday Night Football. What a great place to watch the games on their big-screen TVs in every room. One room has a huge screen from floor to ceiling. While we were watching the game and eating, the mariachi performers must have remembered us from the last time we were there because they kept coming up to sing. Noooo the game’s on!

We have the best time during the rally, every year we make more friends, and it’s so hard to say good-bye but there’s always next year!

So come join the fun in 2020 for the ‘Rocky Point Rally’s 20th Anniversary’: It’s promising to be even bigger and better. Mark your calendars for Nov 11th – 15th, 2020 and we’ll see you all there!

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