Rocky Point Rally 2016

By Perry and Traci

We headed out to Mexico on Thursday, about 4pm. We hit a little traffic getting through Phoenix, but smooth the rest of the way. It was a Beautiful chilly night ride and we wished we had worn our chaps! When we got to the border they waved us through with no wait. When we arrived at the border we were told that earlier in the day there was a bit of a wait while they checked vehicle registration due to the amount of people heading in for the rally. We arrived at the beautiful Playa Bonita Hotel to a warm bed and a nice long hot shower…Ahhhhhh…nice to be not camping…

We began our day Friday at the rally registration, you can’t miss it; it’s as you enter Rocky Point by the Big Law Tiger’s balloon. This is where the weekend long Fiesta begins with live music, food, and venders.

The Rocky Point Riders, the local motorcycle club, set up a tent to welcome visitors with their fresh grilled fish tacos. Max Fu, president of the RP Riders lead us over to two huge grills where they were grilling up two huge 75lb fish, you really have to see to believe this…nothing’s small at the Rocky Point Rally.

As we registered for the RPR we learned that all the proceeds goes to local charities. We wanted to find out more about them. One that sounded like it would be dear to our hearts was a special school for special kids. They offered to bring us there with an interpreter to meet with students and the dedicated staff at the “La Montana Center for Children with Special Needs” the school mainly runs on donations and also has a Facebook page that people can look at to learn more about them along with items they need to keep the doors open. The play ground was full of adapted equipment including numerous swings, a merry-go-round, and slides as well as the typical climbing structures. They also offer vocational classes for the older students in carpentry and daily living skills. We visited their on-site therapy room filled with lots of mats and balls…they also offer occupational services, hydrotherapy and physical therapy. The school is in need of toys to encourage fine motor skills as well as sports balls … for kickball and basket ball.

After a few gratitude tears and deep breaths our visit to the school was over…did I mention we have the coolest most rewarding job on the planet…deep breaths …ok…we headed back to the registration site where we met Barb owner of Barb’s Dog Rescue; which is also another charity benefiting from the RPR. Barb is from Cave Creek Arizona who saw a need while vacationing here and decided to devote her life to saving animals in Rocky Point. She had a booth set up next to the Law Tigers where people could meet the adorable pups up for adoption.

Later we met up with our friend Max to ride into town to visit with his wife Geni at their jewelry store: “Julery Max”. We then headed back to the Playa Benita in time for the party on the beach that we enjoyed from our balcony. We checked out Calle 13; a massive block party with bikes riding through while people danced to the bands along the street… we have gone to a lot of rallies and nothing compares to this fiesta!!

Saturday we started with breakfast at Malecon also known as “The Old Port” and rode to Freemont Street where everyone was lining up for the parade. We met with Ari Levenbaum, from Law Tigers, and Oscar Palacio, the main shareholder of this event. Ari, Oscar and their family lead the parade followed by a thousand bikes ending with the fire trucks and the Red Cross with sirens and lights. Children were so excited to see everyone riding because they knew handfuls of candy were about to be thrown…it made us feel like Santa’s helpers!

The parade ended at the old port where the Mardi-Gras like Fiesta continued… music, burn outs, with beads flying from the balconies… we all know why they were throwing beads …don’t we? C-mon man…. Later we met up with friends we have met over the years by coming to the RPR; many have become life long friendships. Best place we have been to for a bike show except maybe the Long Beach Calendar Show years ago; when it was right on the shore next to the Queen Mary…ok back to Mexico…we hung out at the bike show that was packed with the most beautiful rides; set up in front of the stage along the shore in the old port right behind the giant Shrimp statue…

Live music played the entire weekend everywhere we went; most of the bands that played came down from the states. We met one of the bands that came down from Phoenix that really got the people dancing to their reggae beats. Saturday night, like every year, we went to Playa Del Sol to watch the fights with our Rocky Point friends; UFC Alvarez vs McGregor. Good food & fun with good friends.

Sunday, November 13th we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a day on the beach… we walked along the shore to one of the Rocky Point Riders’ club houses there Max Fu and his family invited us to a cook-out with more amazing seafood dishes, . To top all this off an air show…this (air show) was new; lets just say I don’t think they have an FAA down here. We are partying on the beach with the Rocky Point Riders and Plane started doing tricks first 10,000-1000-500 ft then like 20ft from us.

It was crazy for sure, we really had a cool show from the Riders club house balcony. The air show could be seen from everywhere. The air show was there Saturday and Sunday…people all along the beach were taking photos. They were so close it was almost like you could reach up and grab hold. Later we headed back collecting shells; Traci got her hair braided by one of the locals.

That night we had dinner on the Playa Del Sol patio along the beach…the bikers at the table next to us paid the mariachis to play for us. The next morning we headed home, at the border we went through the lane reserved for bikes with no wait, our registration was quickly checked. This is one of our favorite rallies because it’s like none other!!

This was the largest crowd we have seen at this rally. A lot of folks from the US and a lot of folks from all over Mexico make this rally their vacation spot. You must put this event on your bucket list… You have to check this out at least once. Trust us on this one.

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