Rocky Point Rally 2015


Wednesday, the first day of the Rocky Point Rally (RPR), fell on Veterans Day (11-11-15). Being a Veteran I had a few patriotic things to take care of before we left. Loosing track of time we got a late start on our 2015 Rocky Point adventure. We ended up leaving about 8 at night…it did not even cross our minds that maybe… the boarder into Mexico would be closed?… it only takes 3 hours to get to the boarder from Phoenix anyway….”So … lets take our time”!… BIG Mistake ; we broke the “Cardinal Rule” in trip planning 101: check the hours of operation of the boarder you are going to cross. Pulling up to the boarder at 12:05am we were told the boarder is closed from 12am to 6am… We, along with several other trucks and RVs that didn’t make it, were told to park in a certain area and we could wait 6hours … in essence, CAMP.

Luckily we had our 09 Dyna in the back of our Ford F250 Diesel pickup and could keep warm by leaving the motor running throughout the night using our packed cloths as blankets. I know many are thinking what a couple lightweights…well we were thinking hot shower, room service, king size bed… Instead we are freezing our a—- off inside our pickup truck at the boarder… and It did get close to Freezing. I know… Whaaaaah!

Thursday: A new day and first in line at the USA/Mexico boarder. We flew in to Rocky Point on a beautiful paved road that always reminds me of the 80’s when my friends and I would drive down to Rocky Point and the road was brutal from the boarder to Rocky Point; mostly gravel with pot holes all over the place. We got to Playa Bonita for a fast and very easy check in by a friendly staff. We got a little rest in our beautiful room overlooking the gulf, showered then off to the Kick-off party at the Banditos Restaurant/Bar, owned by Rodger Clyne from the band Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

We ran into Oscar Palacio, one of the founders of the rally along with rally staff enjoying the build up to the Tempe, Arizona band: The Black Moods, who were set to go on, and they rocked the place. We turned in fairly early and got some much needed rest…

Friday the 13th: after a peaceful/mellow Thursday. Friday, late morning the motorcycles started to roll in… still not too many… that is until we rode our 09 Dyna into Malecon; the original port strip in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). This place was packed! Just like in the years past, but more people, and more bikes. What I failed to mention is that today 11-13-15 was our anniversary and we retreated from the “24-7 Mardi Gras” in Malecon to ride into central Rocky Point. I got Traci a couple pair of prescription lens for Traci’s retro “Cat-Eye” frames ($100), and Traci got me a pair of kick-ass gator-skin (leather) cowboy boots ($80). During our anniversary ride we rode down Calle 13 and spotted a really cool location for a bike shoot. It happened to be the same spot that Rick and Julie Hatch from Eaglerider Tempe were setting up their display of beautiful bikes they brought down from main business location in Tempe Arizona. Basically it was an area with old-school Mexican construction that was all graffiti’d up. Rick had one of his nicest copper- highlighted custom bikes under a roof that looked like it was about to cave in…. to give you an idea… the location looked kinda like a mini “Alamo”. Rick from Eaglerider won a recognition trophy that was awarded to him by the Mayor of Rocky Point before the yearly “Rally Parade” Saturday. After hanging with Rick and Julie and a friend of ours Max Fu from the Rocky Point Riders we headed back to the “Old Port Fiesta” in Malecon for dinner at El Buzo then: music, shops, bikes, and “Babes, Boobs & Beads” Mardi Gras style. We caught Country singer Matt Farris at the Playa Bonita’s outside stage beside the beach… Best anniversary ever!

Saturday: Saturday is parade-day during the rally. It starts on Freemont Street in the center of town. As always it is a very social atmosphere while people line up to get ready for the parade. A plaque was presented by Kiko Munro (Mayor of Rocky Point) and Oscar F. Palacio (Founder of RPR) to Rick Hatch from EagleRider Tempe, Arizona for his support of the rally over the years. Law Tiger’s: Ari Levenbaum, his wife, and son waved to the bikers in the parade as they passed the start line next to a couple of … you guessed it…. monster “Law Tiger>blow up tiger heads”… Locals stood on both sides of the road as bikes, quads, hotrods, “Policia”, ambulances and fire engines rode by throwing candy… Fun was had by all! Once again a bigger showing than the past few years, This rally just keeps getting bigger and more fun… and we weren’t done yet!

The parade ended at “The old port Fiesta on Malecon” to ad to, what seemed like, thousands of folks to a party where thousand of folks were already partying… The RPR had a big stage set up; home base for the 2015 Rocky Point Bike Show and a boxing ring… you name it … it’s here … After the Bike Show country music recording artist: Matt Farris got us and a few others swing dancing and voiced his affection for a certain part of the female anatomy, let’s say “2-parts” of the female anatomy. To say things got a little loose is an understatement. “Fiesta: beads flying from the second story buildings, bike burnouts, music, dancing… just gotta be there to believe it… Wait! Where are the cops in all this craziness and fun?… Oh…. here they come.. A truck full of cops driving through smiling and waving like in a parade… A far cry from Sturgis South Dakota, which has thousands more people and it’s necessary for cops, hired from out of state, to pull people over and write tickets every 100 feet. Maybe someday this will change and Sturgis can learn a lesson from Mexico, and the way Sturgis used to be, and let bikers at big rallies police themselves more and let bikers rev there motors with out getting a “show of power Violation” or do a burnout or pop a wheelie without getting a “reckless driving and being thrown in Jail” >to generate extra cash for the city…. That doesn’t happen in Rocky Point…In fact, they condone burnouts; vendors pour water in the street so bikes and quads can make smoke from burnouts, wheelies are done all the time, I saw one guy go down and he was helped back on his bike, not arrested and thrown in jail…ok I’m done….

This whole fiesta overlooks the Gulf and the sunset was spectacular. We watched the well known “Pirate Ship” sail back to port, in the sunset, and later, all lit up with lights, what a beautiful setting for a rally.

What to do next: Fiesta in full swing, Calle 13 (a crazy party street), the Gilby Clark concert or the Rousey vs Holms fight at the Puesta Del Sol restaurant, we are sports nuts,,,and bikers… so the fights it is…you will have to make these tough decisions if you come to this awesome rally…

The restaurant was packed, we found a couple seats while Mariachi’s played and folks sang along… The fight was crazy, a huge upset, and we got to see it in Mexico. Everything seems to work out when we come to this Rally…One of our favorite rallies of the year, If you haven’t checked out the Rocky Point Rally do it in 2016 a perfect: size, location and priced rally.

We took Sunday off just to kick back in our hotel room at the Playa Bonita resort, walk the beautiful beach, and of course, enjoy the hot tub. Another great rally south of the boarder.

Picture gallery – 2015 Rocky Point Rally