Rocky Point Rally 2014

by Perry n Traci

x088What seems like something that happened long ago, in a land, far far away…is, in reality, our trip to the Rocky Point Rally (RPR) last weekend. A 4-hour drive south/east of Phoenix, Arizona. A land known as Puerta Penasco, Mexico, also known as”Rocky Point”. Last year I wrote about the similarities between Rocky Point and a combination of Sturgis and Mardi Gras. This year was no different. Being able to ride a few miles from the crowds and be on a beautiful beach is, by far, the coolest perk of this Rally. That’s one thing, then theres the cost of food – super cheap! Great food, and talk about fresh fish or shrimp? You can literally watch them catch your dinner.

x019Being tourists we checked out the historical buildings and landmarks that make this port city what it is. The courtesy and respect that we received from the local folks at this rally was unmatched by any rally we have been to. The rally has daily poker runs, a pirate boat cruise, desert runs to Pinacate Preserve, bands and a non-stop “Fiesta” in downtown Old Port. Oscar Palacio Soto is one of the founders of the RPR; back in 2001 he and a few friends got the idea from The Laughlin Bike Rally that they attended in Nevada. Sami, Oscar’s right and left hand man, who happens to be a woman, is the Production Assistant and her Husband Plinio of “RP 360” is one of the main RPR Photographers . Local businesses and community volunteers help make the rally possible. All proceeds going to public and private organizations, over the years $130,000 has been raised. The beneficiaries include The Red Cross, The RP Fire Dept. La Montana School for Children with Special needs. Woman’s Cancer Center, Integral Family Center, Home for the Elderly. Just an all around “grass roots” rally.

x174Now that we got the particulars out of the way… We had a BLAST!.. Got to Rocky point Thursday night, Showered up, headed out … Banditos bar … First stop, Place was packed, bikes everywhere!. great band “The Black Moods” from Tempe Arizona. They played a really good Zeppelin set. And a few other covers…Funny thing; some guys got up on stage with them and sang and played harmonica…and the band was totally cool with it. That’s how this rally was; everybody seemed to get along… We saw Oscar and Sami there and we did a few photo bombs. Some guy stood next to me and Oscar for a picture Traci was taking, and afterward, I asked Qscar: “who was that guy?” and Oscar said, “I don’t know, I thought you knew him…” Oh well. I’ve never seen so many bikers dance… as a rule, bikers don’t dance…well the rule didn’t make it to Rocky Point Mexico Thursday night at The Bandito’s Bar… We closed the place. Next day we slept in. The balcony to our room at the Playa Bonita had the most beautiful view.

x013The view from our balcony also gave us an opportunity to “people watch.” The most interesting thing we watched was “The Hat Man”. I never thought a single person could carry so many hats, to sell of coarse, he had them on his head his waist his arms…big hats…and then there were the horses, horses that did not want to be there…if horses could talk I’m sure they would be saying “are we done?”, “lets go home”, “why are we still here?”…etc…People would pay the horse guy, who usually had 3 horses, to get on one of the horses and get their picture taken…then, I guess, they go home and tell all there friends how they rode the wild horse up and down the beach like in The Black Stallion. I thought about doing it, but being allergic to horses, it would have made an ugly photo…prompting a story; how I face planted off a horse while jumping the “Hat Man”. Seriously; the sunrises and sunsets were breathtaking, The fishing boats in the distance were straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. There was a country band playing at our motel Friday night, it was quite loud, which is fine. When they attempted to play a Metallica song, a country version of “Enter Sandman,” we felt it a good time to head out. We climbed on the Dyna, the thunders header breaking the silence of the parking lot.

“Let’s check out Calle 13”, “13th Street” in English, a quarter mile strip of bars, stages, restaurants, and people. Every night during the rally thousands of rally people congregate on this strip . We made the bad decision to drive down 13th; we actually didn’t know we were on 13th till it was too late… we had to keep going …or die! I was having flashbacks of the Hells Angles riding their choppers through a big crowd of people at a Rolling Stones concert… Traci n I both almost crapped our pants when we drove right threw a “Mexican Mosh Pit” . but , you know what? The people in the pit were cool an they stopped fighting for a while then started up again after we rode by. Traci got a couple shots of the Mexican band that was tearing it up on stage, but the pictures are understandably blurry because we were trying to ride a 1000 lb bike through thousands of people while watching out for people flying into us. There were things happening on that road that I just can’t talk about….

x055When we finished wiping the blood off our Dyna (kidding), we headed over to Old Port “Malecon” to see a band at “The Boo Bar,” another cool bar with a tiny stage and swings for bar chairs, place was packed, and we ended our night there. Saturday was a Parade of bikes with candy for the kids who lined the route, started by Mayor Zazueta of RP ; a thousand bikes paraded through town, and yes Traci and I remembered Candy this time. The parade ended at old port “Malecon” for the main event with; Miss RP Rally crowned followed with The Black Moods, Matt Farris and Mogollon. Thousands more people….and then it occurred to me, where are the police? We looked and found them a few streets over. The police in RP don’t embed themselves in the rally the way it is done in some rallies in the U.S. and it really seems to work. Of course we ate at Mary’s; one side facing the craziness on the street the other side the beautiful Gulf, I think we spent almost 20 bucks on a huge lunch that consisted of fish tacos ,that came with huge slices of avocado, shrimp quesadillas and drinks. After filling up our bellies we headed back to our room; this night there were no bands just a relaxing evening with the faint sound of motorcycle far away and the water hitting the shore. Oh and I have to save my bead story for next year…

Sundays Breakfast Buffet at The Playa Bonita Restaurant was nothing short of amazing. Bring your passport! and come here next year, you will have the time of your life.

Rocky Point Rally 2014 Picture Gallery