ROAD TEST: 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 Review

Story / Bike Photos: Heath “The Chief “ Cofran 

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Music plays: “There’s a new kid in town, I don’t wanna hear it, there’s a new kid in town.” The Eagles were right on with this tune, and the more you listen they tell ya “There’s a talk on the street it sound so familiar, great expectations, everybody’s watching you.”

IMG_6710The new kid in town is the 2015 Harley Davidson Street 750. There have been tons of talk on this bike and lots of focus being given on the newest ENTRY LEVEL, AFFORDABLE, base model Harley-Davidson. I was pretty interested to pick up the bike and see what the hype is all about. I must say, after I posted the picture of me picking it up, there were so many people asking me about it; how is it, do you like, do you not like it? Etc. Etc. Etc….. No one every really asks that much when I post other bikes so I was curious to see what this lil’ baby had to offer.

My first impression was that it did look pretty cool for a stock Harley. All the flat black and sleek lines definitely made it appealing. The right side of the bike definitely is the “looker” side as it should be, as that’s the side that faces out when on the kickstand. The left side of the bike is, eh… so so.

IMG_6669Ok, here it is. My, first impression when I tossed my leg over the bike was, man, this thing is pretty low. 27.9” high. All the set up was pretty basic and the controls were very entry level. Definitely not as nice quality as all the Harley’s we might be accustomed too. But, I understand, it’s a very entry-level price at $7,499.00, I understand where the emphasis was placed on this bike. BASICS. Ok, so now I turn the key, which is nicely placed at the base of the bars by the way, I press the start button and wow, what a difference this new bike has. It’s so quiet. Crazy quiet. I mean I think you could ride this though your local “Kinder Care” at naptime and not wake the sleeping babies. And I honestly mean that. I know most bikes are quiet with stock pipes, I GET IT, but this one, wow, is really quiet. I give the engine some rev’s and say “OH BOY”, this should be interesting. Let me also explain this about my test ride. I do some of the riding for Harley -Davidson Europe. They have a crew that comes out to California or wherever they need to shoot and I am one of the lucky guys that get’s to ride these new bikes for print ad’s, videos, etc. So, I arrange picking up this Street 750 to coincide with my shoot with Harley in Bakersfield, CA. My plan was to pick up the bike, take in on the 300-mile ride back and forth to Bakersfield and surprise the crew with the bike. With all that in mind, I take my backpack filled w my camera and clothes for the next 5 days and head up the blistering 5 Fwy on a wonderful 106 degree day.

I soon got to the open freeway and let me tell you, (I know I keep talking about how quiet it is…) But damn it was really so strange to not FEEL or HEAR the bike! Anyone getting one of these bikes, GET AN AFTERMARKET PIPE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!! I mean, I’d love to hear what it sounds like with something with some BALLS in it! The bike does have some UMPH to it, just not a ton right out of the box. I was giving the bike some burn out tests to see if I could get it to break free and well, it was probably too hot and the tires were nice and sticky, so really all I got out of it was a small little wheelie. Not much, but ya know, I had to try!

IMG_6639Ok, I’ll get into some of the details on this puppy. First thing to notice is the new Liquid Cooled Revolution X V-Twin engine that Harley has come up with. 60 Degree Cylinders, 4 valves per head. 44.3 ft-lb of torque. And… Believe it or not, this bike has a six-speed transmission. This helped me a ton when on the way to Bakersfield to help keep the RPM’s from skyrocketing going over 75 on the fwy. The mid-mount controls definitely help the bike to be pretty maneuverable. This Harley weighs in at 489 lbs (In running order) so this bike is very light in the Harley world. Well, in comparing it to the 562 lbs of the 883, 73 lbs is a lot of burgers man. Just kidding… There is a single disc front brake with a dual piston caliper that stops the bike decently fine. The 17” front wheel and 15” back wheel helps the bike corner around the streets and roads smoothly. The suspension on the bike is fine, nothing wrong here. They are smooth, nothing to hoot and holler about either. I really dig the speedo that is tucked nicely behind the little café inspired “speed screen” as they call it. This bike also runs a nice low maintenance belt drive system.

IMG_6674There are 3 color options for this bike. Mysterious Red Sunglo, Vivid Black, and Black Denim. The wheels are 7-spoke cast aluminum with machined rim highlights. I must say, they do look pretty cool and HOT ROD inspired. Back to the ride on this bike. On the way up to Bakersfield the bike was decently comfy. I had to keep moving around on the seat a bit and hung my feet off the front of the pegs as much as I could. I don’t think this bike is meant for long hauls, especially since Harley in their descriptions talk so much about “URBAN STREETS” in connection with this bike. Bottom line, it’s not much of a long hauler, but it can be done. It’s just not that great for long rides. Anyway, I made it up to Bakersfield and parked it in the lot right next to the Harley set up we had. I saw some of the producers and they were saying “Hey that was you on that bike, we were all confused as to how we saw that bike on the freeway as the bike is not out yet!” HA HA, it’s fun to mess with them. They asked me how I liked it. My response – this is a great entry level HARLEY-DAVIDSON for someone who has always wanted to own one. My second response is, it’s a great base to do something really cool with. In fact Harley-Davidson took some of these bikes and built dirt trackers out of them and did some exhibition racing at the X-Games. So with all this in mind, if your looking to get someone on a Harley for the first time in an affordable way? Here ya go. She’s all ready for you! I wish you happy building and customizing.