ROAD TEST: 2014 Harley-Davidson Breakout Review

Story: Heath “The Chief” Cofran, Photos: Sam Westre

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_SAM2206“You seen em once, you have seen em all.” this guy tells me as I pull up to my local grub spot. But, he then continues to say, “Now this one really stands out a bit different here, what’s the scoop?” It’s the new 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Breakout, I tell him.

It is a great opportunity to pick up a brand new bike and give it a test spin for 2 weeks. I ride a bike everyday, so having the chance to ride a new bike, I’m always curious as to what these new wheels have to offer me, or the unsuspecting customer or FAN of motorcycles. I must say, it’s that Harley Davidson really pushes the “TEST RIDE” not only with us PRESS people, but on their website. If you check it out, it always has the “SCHEDULE A TEST RIDE” box at the bottom of the page. You can click on the bike you want and the area you live in and it directs you to your closest dealership that can offer you the ride on the bike your curious about. Really a nice offer when you look at other manufactures and you will see how many RARELY offer this. Ok, back to the bike. My first overview of this bike just by looking at it was “Man this thing looks mean, fast and LOW.” The silver and black “RAIDERS” style paint job really looked bad ass. I really was stoked on the color. I’m not a raiders fan PER SAY, but the color scheme was awesome. The gigantically fat rear wheel was just really impressive as a first look. The big 21” front wheel also really pulled me in as a very well put together look that was something I had not really seen in a stock Harley. Overall I was stoked to ride this bike and really lay into it… AND I DID.

_SAM2035Sitting on this bike and at a stop light for the first time, I felt like I was about to head down the ¼ mile waiting for the tree to hit green. The DRAG style and feel of the bike was right on spot for the look and feel they were going for. In doing some research on the bike I found out they were going for a “GASSER 50’s – 60’s drag bike” look. The more I rode the bike and looked at it ; they got it. The long and low frame equipped with the DRAG bars really made you feel solid in the seat. The suspension is stiff but still give you a good smooth ride. And the fact that it’s only 26” from seat to drag strip really keeps you low to home. My biggest bummer on this bike was just that. It was too low for me. I don’t mean sitting on the bike, but every turn I took seemed to scrape up the pegs. It really started to get annoying and I was beginning to lift the weight off my inside foot knowing the peg would scrape. By lifting up my weight on my inside foot at least it didn’t make 4th of july under my boots. AHAH. The peg would just lift up, and as I would straighten out, I would just push the peg back down. But, the more I rode it, I just knew that you just have to take every turn very very very mellow. Boooooo…. Now I know this is a CRUISER ,and I have ridden tons and tons of HARLEYS and CRUISERS, this one is just really , really…. Boot scrapin, spark makin low. You’ll get used to it.

_SAM2075I know I was baggin a little, but one of the things I really loved on this bike was the power. The 1691cc, 103 cubic inch air cooled twin cam engine had the balls to make me smile with every twist of the throttle. In fact, the bike is really fun for burning out off the line. Wink wink. No, but really this bike has a SOLID POWER PACK in the frame that you will really love. I wish I had the chance to ride this bike with an exhaust kit on it to really hear it ROAR, but here in California your “NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT” haah. The stock exhaust is really toooooo quiet for my taste. But we all know that now anyway don’t we. One of the other things I loved on this bike was how SOLID it felt as I was riding. I know a lot of that has to do with the fact there is a 240 size rear tire! It’s wide man! I mean if it was metal and had cement in it, I could work for the city as a steam roller. HAHA. In doing my research on this bike more I found out that it’s the widest rear wheel Harley has ever made for a stock bike. Impressive? Yes. Another thing this BREAKOUT model has is custom wheels. These wheels are 100% custom made for this model! The front and rear wheels are a 10 spoke GASSER style aluminum cast race shoe. This wheel set up really helps to pull in the drag style they had in mind. The single gauge was just simple and sweet. We don’t need no crazy gadgets on this race bike?! Bare bones and race style is what this bike has laid out for us. The stock drag bars are awesome and pull back just cozy enough for a good 200 mile day. One cool thing that I would like to point out on the single gauge is the fact that it lets ya know when your in 6th gear. Once your on the freeway and ready to just put some miles down and save some gas, pop it into that 6th gear and ease on down the road. The 6th gear is a nice touch and often I forgot is was there. In some of my travels I had to ride in the rain a bit and the stock ABS brakes helped out from a few lock up’s. Even though the bike has stock chopped front and rear fenders, it still keeps the rain from flying up behind and in front of you. There is an option for KEYLESS IGINTION. Now for any of you who have never used this, it is a trip! If you have the key in your pocket, you just walk up to the bike, start it and ride away! It’s amazing! I know I may be more old school with the key and switch and the push start button, but man, the keyless option was pretty sweet.

_SAM2245I know, my style of a review is a little different then most you might read, but hey, I’m just a guy who loves to ride and rides everyday. I love getting to let people know how cool or NOT COOL some of these bikes can be.

The 2104 Harley Davidson Breakout is a very cool, fast, low and mean cruiser. It stands out in the line as something different. The custom wheels and wide rear tire and skinny front tire, authentically gives it a unique look. If you are in the market for a new bike, If you are looking to feel what it’s like to own a street legal gasser drag bike, then my friend this is the bike for you. If your curious, set up a test ride and feel it for yourself! If you’re a fan of Harley’s or a Harley collector, this ride should definitely be in your garage.

Specifications :

Starting price: $18,499
Color Options: Hard Candy Chrome Flake, Morocco Gold Pearl, Amber Whiskey, Vivid Black.
Length: 96.3”
Seat Height: 26”
Ground Clearance: 4.7”
Rake: 35
Trail: 5.7”
Wheelbase: 67.3”
Front Tire: 130/60B21 63H
Rear Tire: 240/40R18 79V
Fuel Capacity: 5 gal.
Oil Capacity: 3.5 qt.
Weight as shipped: 672 lb.

Engine: Air-Cooled, Twin Cam 103B
Bore: 3.87”
Stroke: 4.374”
Displacement: 103.1 cu in
Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Ignition
Engine Torque: 95.2 ft-lb
Lean Angle: (Right/Left) 23.4
Fuel Economy: 42 mpg

Image Gallery: 2014 Harley-Davidson Breakout