ROAD TEST: 2013 Harley-Davidson Street Bob Review

By Heath “The Chief” Cofran
Additional Photos: Scooter-pro

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Morning cup of coffee, hot and roasted as the steam rises through the morning sun coming in the window, it’s another amazing day to get out and pick up another motorcycle to give a good week’s test ride.

Made in USA has really lost so much of its flavor these days, yet so many people, riders, are staying true to their homeland and no other has been more true to America than Harley-Davidson. Keeping motorcycling in America strong for over 109 years, Harley has continued to pop out some incredible categories to the brand. And the new HD-1 Customization Program really gets riders at home to pick, click and build their own Harley – just like Burger King says, “Have it your way.”

One of the bikes in this HD-1 customization category is the 2013 Harley Davidson Street Bob. You can choose your own wheels (24 different options), choose your own paint scheme (14 different options ), foot controls (2 different options), seat options (22 to different options!!), handle bars (3 different options), bags & luggage (7 different options), windshields (7 different options), racks & backrests (32 different options)… Well, ya get my point? There are so many more too. From intake, engine components, exhaust and even more, you really get to BUILD YOUR OWN BIKE! OH yea… And it would be delivered in less than four weeks to your closest dealership. Dammm, now that is some service!!

The bike we were able to test ride had the Chrome Yellow Deluxe paint scheme. It was a mini flake yellow with grey and black accents. It kind of had the same vibe as the colors of the road. Ashpalt Grey, w/ Black yellow middle lines. At least that is what we were comparing it too. Our favorite color options are those in the HARD CANDY Collection. The HARD CANDY collection is 3 colors (Big Red, Coloma Gold, Lucky Green) that have BIG METAL FLAKE in the paint.

The fenders are all pretty sleek and tight. Really the lines on this bike are clean and smooth. The new tank emblems on the bike we had was a painted in logo, there are other options of a raised lettering that looks really cool too. The new front round air cleaner is an option too and looks sweet, especially when shined up glassy bright! The wheels are 19” front and 17” on the back. The ignition switch moved from the steering head to the tank console, which is a great change! It’s so much easier not to reach around down to turn this baby on. The new bar risers make it a lot easier to make your own changes down the line if you don’t get what you want out of the HD-1 options.

One incredible option on this new 2013 baby is the new twin cam 103 cubic inch engine option! To upgrade to this full blown power house is a mere $350. And it would be a wise upgrade! We were jamming this bike out in the desert at 80mph in 4th gear. Oh, and we still had 2 more gears to go. NICE.

Ok, since were talking about the engine, we have to tell you how incredible the power feels. Hopping on the fwy. and just letting it crank out the power to the back wheel you feel all that adrenaline rush and a huge smile comes across your face. We put about 400 miles on this bike and was really able to ride it through a vast amount of conditions. One of the days we had the bike out, it was raining like a mother outside. Of course we took the bike out and had to test out the ABS brake option. They worked like a charm and saved some headaches in some quick stops that had to be made a few times! So when picking your bike out, make sure you add the ABS!!! The seat we had was the solo. It would be wise to pick out one that has a little more padding! About 150 miles in on the first day the butt gets a little sore!! The one thing that was a challenge at times was finding the kickstand to kick down. The rad thing about it is that it’s tucked up and looks amazing while riding. BUT, it seemed to be tucked in a lil’ too tight for getting that baby back down. I’m sure it could have been adjusted, but was a feature we remember we would have liked to adjust. The front controls really were comfortable and as always really smooth going through the gears. We did have a few small challenges getting into neutral a few times, but really other then that no issues at all. The cool thing was that while riding down the fwy. in 5th gear you always forget about that 6th gear! The great thing about that 6th gear is that is also saves you gas!! The rpm’s drop down, less work on that motor and the cents fall away every mile. Makes the pocket happy doesn’t it. More beer and tacos!!

Bottom line is that Harley has done an amazing job with this Street Bob. The best thing about this bike is the not only the throw back nostalgic styling and look , but the POWER, and SMOOTH and COMFORTABLE ride. POWER being our favorite part of this test ride. I think if we would have had one that we got to pick the color and set up for this BUILD YOUR OWN thing, we would have had a much harder time giving it back after the test!

Make sure you go online to and click on “H-D1 Customization”. You get to see your bike with all the options you pick! And if you change your mind and want to re-build and try another look, GO FOR IT. The website gives you an option to save your build so you can check them out later! Pretty sweet.

Bike Details/Tech.

Price: Vivid Black ($12,999) / Color Options ($13,999) / Two-Tone Options ($13,729) / Hard Candy Color Options (13,729)

Length: 92.8”
Seat Height :25.5”
Ground Clearance: 4.92”
Rake: 29 Degrees
Trail: 4.7 “
Wheelbase: 64.2”

Fuel Capacity: 4.7 gal.

Weight: (Running Order) 672 lb.

Engine: Air Cooled Twin Cam 96 /103 45 Deg. V-Twin

Compression: 9.2:1

Fuel System: Electronic, Sequential Port Fuel Injection. (ESPFI)

Front Suspension: 41mm Showa Fork

Rear Suspension: Dual Showa shocks with adjustable spring preload

Front Brake: Hayes four-piston caliper, 300mm disc with optional ABS

Rear Brake: Hayes two-piston caliper, 292mm disc with optional ABS

Front Tire: 100/90-19 Michelin Scorcher 31

Rear Tire: 160/70-17 Michelin Scorcher 31

Warranty: 24 mo. / Unlimited Miles


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