Road Dog Customs


The Saturday of the Road Dog Summer Kickoff BBQ was hot and sunny – a promising day for anyone looking to have a good time. I had little else planned for that day so I grabbed their flyer and headed off to check out just what the Kick-off was about. I had seen the RDC display a few times and even spoken with the guys briefly, but I had little concept of what was in store when I arrived. Surprise greeted me when I pulled up to their lot in Santa Fe Springs; bikes of every model and custom pooled out of the parking lot into the street accented by loads of classic cars, rods and low-riders that crowded the parking lots, many of which were entrants in the bike and car contest.

It was early and yet hundreds of people had already arrived and were actively enjoying the live music and variety of vendor displays. Meanwhile the Road Dog Crew led by Sonny Mouneu, could be seen hustling about satisfying the crowd’s questions and interests, proving to be very gracious and inviting hosts. The BBQ was fired up turning out tasty carne asada tacos, burgers and dogs while the drinks were being served in aces courtesy of Alex’s Bar of Long Beach.

There were four bands evenly timed to provide musical entertainment all day beginning with Los Mysteriosos. In between sets the Road Dogs didn’t miss a step, challenging the audience by raffling off some generous vendor donations made by West Whittier Paint, Drag Specialties and Irwindale Speedway along with various other prizes, one of which was a free striping job by Sonny. Los Mysteriosos were followed by Russell Scott and his Red Hotts who set the mood with their down home blues rockabilly. Mike Malone and his Soul Collectors kept the show rolling with their blues riffs, during which they invited store owner and resident striper, Sonny, to step in on guitar and let the crowd know just how the blues should sound. As the afternoon cooled off a bit, they treated the audience to a display of talent by handing out hand crafted trophies custom made for the show by Road Dog employees, Aggressive Designs and D.A. Designs. Spliff Decision held the onlookers captive as they wrapped up the evening with their collection of laid back Rasta music.

From Shovels and Panheads to show choppers and everyday stockers coupled with Rat Rodz, low-riders and classics, the contest bikes and cars didn’t hesitate to make jaws drop and mouths drool. The shop itself was completely open and available for the prying eyes of the public to tour, showcasing the tools behind the work and talent.

It was obvious they had covered all bases necessary for a complete start to finish project with all equipment on site including a state-of-the-art paint booth. Having had very little experience with the Road Dog Crew prior to the barbeque, I found myself invested in the show until its close. What had begun as a short trip to say hi and maybe score some grub, had turned out to be a full afternoon of chatting, cating, listening and watching as an awesome bike and car show unfolded right in L.A.’s backyard. Looking forward to next year’s gig!