I Ride: A Ride You Will Never Forget

Review by Randy Twells; Images Courtesy Water Buffalo Pictures.

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I RIDE-Still02A group of Harleys rolls along a back-roads highway with some rough looking characters on board. Willie Nelson himself tells a groaner of a joke, we hear from the late Miles Squire on who are the ‘real’ bikers, and Pat Simmons waxes philosophical. All in the first few minutes of I RIDE. What is going on here? Daron Ker, independent filmmaker, found a story that needed to be told. And now, it’s being told.

Every family has its ups and downs and milestone events, but the universal story told here is one that will grab your heart and take your breath away in the telling. We get to know this family and love them—as their many fans already do. A tragedy that became a rallying cause to bring Harry and Tommy Fryed to form a band, gave them a legacy to embrace and live up to.

I RIDE-Still04The moment of truth in I RIDE for me, is not a great band moment, or a shot of a sunset with a bike going over a rise. No, it’s a simple yet poignant affirmation that family does matter, especially in a time of crisis and loss. What drives that point home or whatever YOUR moment of truth is, may be different for you, or someone else. But you will take away something profound from I RIDE.

We are there for the party and outdoor barbecue, hangin’ with friends at their annual camp-out in California redwood country, another time it’s rowdy entertainment & sign-up fistfights; all making for some exciting fun on film without having to wonder if the biker party you are at will get closed down by the cops. We ride along to an appearance by Sonny Barger too, and some downright down to earth standup comedy, at different motorcycle events — and the Fryed Brothers take us along all the way to Sturgis, South Dakota where they play their amazing music at the biggest biker party there is.

I RIDE-Still05But all along is woven the theme, the origin of the title, I RIDE, brought home by family archive footage documenting a time and place long ago. Interspersed with Super 8mm film of the Fryed Brothers family, their lives and band, and interviews with Mama Fryed, motorcycle industry figures and others, we get a glimpse into this born and raised American family that has grabbed tragedy by the handlebars and made it their mission to ‘play tribute’ to their past and the future that could have been for one of their own.

On November 19th I RIDE will be released in stores nationwide, such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble, and you can pre-order now, at www.waterbuffalopics.com