Ride for What’s Right

By Wild Bill Pictures by Chris & Buick

We received the e-mail in late August that CD, our Publisher/Editor, slotted in a last-minute ad in the September Issue Titled “Ride for Ramos and Compean”. CD came up with the “Ride for What’s Right” title and naturally we told him he was a genius. CD informed us he was thrilled to be able to support this important ride in our state of Arizona and hoped to do one in California as well. He is very passionate on this issue. Then there was the e-mail that mentioned recent news, and that Ramos and Compean must have done something way beyond our knowledge to get the sentence they got. This of course ended up being Spam, but did cause me to question CD’s rationale for supporting this event. He sent me a few links and I spent the time to review them. Well, let me tell you, those two agents got the shaft. I have two web sites for you to review http://ridersagainstillegal aliens.com/Page1.html and http://www.ridersusa.net/. Also, type in Ramos or Campean and see what comes up. As you read you will come to your own conclusion but I feel you will see that this was just all wrong.

I got hold of Tom Tardy from Eagle Promotions and asked for a flyer so I could generate riders from the Southwest to join in this event. Arizona Victory of Tucson said we could all meet there on the morning of the event and ride up north as a group (and have free coffee). This was looking promising and we started spreading the word. Talking with a few Border Patrol agents, it became obvious that they were ALL FOR this event. They knew it was wrong and were fully aware of this case. Getting deeper and deeper into it, I came to the conclusion that it is just crazy that it went this far, and ended with this outcome. Here’s where it all started:

In February 2005, Border Patrol Agent Jose Compean was involved in a chase of an illegal alien drug smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, whose van was carrying over 700 lbs of marijuana. After the van crashed and Davila fled on foot, Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos joined in the foot pursuit of Davila. After a brief struggle between Davila and Compean, Davila ran toward the Mexican border, then turned toward the agents with a gun in his hand and that is when the agents fired at Davila. As Davila continued to flee toward Mexico, the agents did not believe he had been hit. As a result of this event, US Attorney Johnny Sutton filed charges against the agents, using Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila as his star witness. Two days before the trial began; Davila was caught bringing another load of drugs into the USA illegally. The jury in the case was not allowed to hear this, or any other evidence against Davila, other than he was just a poor man trying to make money. Ramos and Compean were convicted of assault, discharge of a weapon in the commission of a crime of violence, tampering with an official proceeding and deprivation of the civil rights of Davila. They are now serving sentences of 11 and 12 years. The US Appeals Court of the 5th District overturned the minor charges, but kept the discharge of a weapon in the commission of a crime of violence charge which holds a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years.

Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila pled guilty to drug smuggling charges as a result of the second load he brought in. He is serving a nine and one half year sentence. This means that Davila will be out of prison before our Border Patrol Agents! HELP IS NEEDED! The families of the imprisoned Border Patrol agents are in dire need of financial support. They have lost homes, incurred large medical bills due to lack of insurance, cashed out retirement accounts, and the children of the agents have endured taunting by unsympathetic neighbors, among other things. The legal fees alone are in the multiple thousands of dollars! They are in the process of establishing a website. Please go to Agent Ramos’ website and see the donation bracelets advertised there. www.agentramos.com.

The day of the event October 4, 2008 arrived fast. Rolling out early to meet at Arizona Victory with the Sun rising in the East proved that it was going to be clear and nice wonderful Old Pueblo day. This time of year is riding season in the Old Pueblo and a lot of rides were seen on the road going to different areas. Arriving at Arizona Victory proved to be a little disappointing. Other rider’s had other commitments and there were a few other events like the Iron Butt 500 and 1000 going on but for us heading up north to “Ride For What’s Right” was a small turnout, but a great group of Riders. Time being of concern we departed heading north to Toso’s sports bar and grill in Phoenix. Rides shinning in the sun light proved that this was going to be a fairly good turn out and we were Happy to see that. Admission was Free, donations were requested, and you could see the jars were doing ok. Along with Raffle tickets being sold for donated prizes breakfast Burritos were provided (FREE). As we were going over a few things like the route we were heading being in unfamiliar land, it was suggested the Trike leading the pack should be shadowed by Monica Ramos. Yes,Monica had her own ride, and Monica had one of her sons riding along with her. Pulling in close to the front you could tell Monica holds her own and rides with the best of them (A future “Women Who Ride” article).

Arriving at our first destination circling the Capitol building of Arizona we made our way to the park where speakers such as Russell Pearce, Don Goldwater, TJ Bonner, and a few others where scheduled to address the crowd. It went real well and I hope they do what they say they are going to do and that is to make this go away for the family. When the speakers were done we headed to our final destination, “The Roadrunner” for some cold refreshments. The ride to the Roadrunner was beautiful and as we arrived we were greeted by a packed house full of rides crackling and sparkling in the afternoon sun. We cooled off with a few cold ones listening to the sounds of the band “Resonation”.

The vendors had their wares out on display. Monica Ramos was a real sport having gone through all she has had to so far. This event definitely helped financially, but more importantly emotionally. It’s obvious that so much more needs to be done! I got a hold of the letter we signed to send to President Bush asking to Commute their sentences so that they can return to their families. If you e-mail me at bill@quickthrottlemag.com I will send you a hard copy of the letter. It will only cost the price of a stamp. Please review the websites.

You will see that we are all part of RIDING FOR WHAT’S RIGHT! UPDATE – November 12-13, 2008: Officers Ramos and Compean went in front of District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone for “resentencing.” She gave them their original sentence of 10 years on a charge of using a weapon in the commission of a felony and another 2 for assault (on a well known drug runner). This seriously pisses me off. We again have to let everyone know that this is an injustice. One more website that will bring all of this to light is www.immigrationbuzz.com.

Mrs. Ramos told me she and her children want to thank all of those who have helped and supported them through this turmoil, and feel that it all will work out. They are strong, and her husband and fellow agent Compean are stronger, even though they’ve literally suffered debilitating beatings in prison, at the hands of other illegals. This insanity has to end. Please get involved.