REVVtalks Announces The Launch Of Its Platform To Educate Riders Online

REVVtalks is providing riders with real-time access to industry professionals and a library to watch educational videos without leaving home.

NORTH CAROLINA,  May 14, 2020— Powersports industry veterans Alisa Clickenger, Author of Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling, and Brittany Morrow of Rock the Gear, have teamed up to create REVVtalks, an online platform that aims to elevate rider education by increasing accessibility to trusted, high-quality content through live webinars, conferences and a video library. To kickstart this new venture, REVVtalks will hold the first REVVConference on June 5-6, 2020, entirely online. Confirmed presenters for the REVV Conference include contributors currently located all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Namibia, and New Zealand.  The mission of REVVtalks is to serve as an easily accessible source of quality information for powersports enthusiasts. REVVtalks aims to remove physical barriers to rider education, create a go-to place for riders to gather virtually and educate more riders than any other single platform in industry history.

REVVtalks is a digital platform offering unprecedented real-time access to professional riders, instructors, researchers, adventurers, filmmakers, journalists, creators and educators from all over the world as they share their expertise and knowledge via live webinars. The 50-minute webinars are offered in three formats: online conferences, live weekly presentations, and a video library called the virtual vault. REVVtalks will offer these educational opportunities which embrace all disciplines of riding to conference attendees plus REVVtalks members. Additionally, REVVtalks will offer the public single webinars from the vault for a small fee. REVVtalks and the REVV Conference welcomes all riders and passengers from all backgrounds and disciplines of the sport, from every corner of the worldwide riding community.

Amidst the global pandemic crisis, consumer behavior is changing drastically. Home entertainment is one of the few industries currently seeing an influx of revenue. Taking a cue from the recent success of the online classroom option offered by the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP), REVVtalks will use this online platform to reach riders in their homes while adding an educational twist. With events and gatherings being cancelled all over the globe, the opportunity REVVtalks offers to gather virtually, talk shop, network, and learn valuable new information comes at an ideal time.

Another dilemma riders face in this digital age is the daunting task of sorting through the droves of opinion-based advice that is currently available in every corner of the internet. A wide range of current online education hails from unknown sources, and much of the non-expertise freely offered via social media can hinder, and even mislead, as opposed to helping those riders seeking information. REVVtalks overcomes this hurdle by creating a hub for industry-known experts and professionals to share valuable information, insight, and even instruction that riders can trust. With Alisa Clickenger and Brittany Morrow at the helm, and more than 30 years of combined industry experience between them, only the highest level of content will be chosen for the Rider Education Virtual Vault.

“Our community deserves vetted, valuable information from trusted sources,” said REVVtalks co-Founder Brittany Morrow. “I couldn’t be more excited to offer such a robust educational program, plus the opportunity to connect in real-time with true professionals, to riders all over the world.”

In addition to increasing the accessibility of professional-level online rider education, REVVtalks aims to simultaneously create increased rider interest in additional educational opportunities like in-person training courses, industry events and shows, and conferences. REVVtalks is currently accepting presenter and interviewee applications, as well as industry support in the form of affiliate sponsorships and advertising partnerships.

“With our diverse backgrounds yet single-minded dedication to high journalistic standards, Brittany and I are the ideal team to spearhead an industry-wide collaboration and disseminate quality information in this new and innovative way,” said REVVtalks co-Founder Alisa Clickenger. “Launching REVVtalks underscores both of our commitment to innovation and leadership within the industry as well as our commitment to serving the global powersports community.”