REVIEW: FXRG Harley-Davidson Sun Shield H29 modular helmet

By Koz Mraz

FXRG gear (Functional Xtreme Riding Gear) is engineered to perform in the most extreme riding conditions. It is without a doubt, the best designed gear of the H-D line.

I am a big fan of modular helmets for distance touring and this new FXRG® Sun Shield H29 Modular gets everything right.  I wear corrective glasses and my biggest beef with many modulars is that they don’t allow for frames inside the helmet and actually transfer vibration and buffeting.  Not so with the Sunshield H29. My glasses float freely yet the moisture-wicking liner snugly secures my head.  Harley-Davidson’s 3D engineered interior was computer designed to significantly reduce road and wind noise. The moisture-wicking liner and exceptional ventilation definitely work well on this helmet.

The locking face shield features 96% UV protection with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.  It has four detents to open the clear shield letting air in if desired.  The locking mechanism is very sturdy and the seals nice and tight when shut.  As is the modular chin bar. It opens easily with one hand and lock firmly into place when down. Peripheral visibility is very good.

Weighing in at 3 lbs. 8 oz. overall, the fiberglass shell is reinforced with carbon and carbon-glass.  I tested this helmet while riding a Vaquero with virtually no windscreen and was very impressed with aerodynamics and lack of wind buffeting.

Two large intake vents actually work; you can feel the flow when opened. There is one large exhaust vent for flow-through channeling and close feature on the rear of the helmet. All easily accessible and with gloves.

The drop down sun shield features 99% UV protection and comes with an anti-fog shield.  The sun shield has excellent coverage and is manually released by a slider on the lower left side of the helmet and easily activated with a glove. I was a bit concerned when at first I tested this slider without gloves, its rather small detent was slippery but then I realized that it’s totally designed for use with gloves and works easily.  The helmet comes with a fog shield which is a very nice touch.

Also included are foam insert covers for in-helmet speakers and a lower chin air dam. A helmet bag is also included.

This helmet looks good and the branding is classy. Reflective accents for visibility. Meets DOT safety standard FMVSS 218.

At $500 it’s at the upper end of H-D’s price point but as I always say, what’s the value of your head? A helmet should be one of the most important investments you make as a rider.