Redwood Run

By Mike Joseph

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“Redwood Run; just the sound of those two words conjures up visions of grandeur. Giant sequoias; that cool pine smell in the air (mixed occasionally with the heavy scent of ganja), all hitting you in the face as you negotiate 65 mile per hour curves, cutting through Northern California’s Highway 101, an area otherwise known as the Mendocino Triangle.”

Welcome to the Kiwanis Annual Redwood Run. This event is held every June (since the beginning of time) at the Riverview Ranch up north off Hwy 101 in Piercy, Ca. “Now; where exactly is Piercy, California, you ask?” This was the question I had on my mind when I first heard about the event. “Between what? Willits and Garberville? Isn’t that where they filmed the old Green Acres series with Eva Gabor?”

I have gone both as a participant and a vendor. It is quite an experience any way you slice it! The Kiwanis seem to outdo themselves year after year when hosting this annual event. Two days of live, nonstop, kick ass music from noon to midnight. If the bands were setting up; top notch DJ’s were filling in with great tunes! Fryed Brothers, Night Ranger, Blue Oyster Cult, and Warrant were just a few of the live bands lined up for this year’s run. With a 50 foot granite mountain (lit at night) as backdrop behind the stage, and an almost “bowl- like” appearance to the overall property, you could clearly hear the music being played from anywhere on the site. As a vendor I came to really appreciate this cool “natural amphitheatre” effect the Riverview Ranch seemed to offer.

All the original run activities were there for our viewing pleasure. Wet T-shirt contest, Keg roll, vintage and custom motorcycle show, plenty of food and beverage choices; vendors; even a wheelie contest.* *Only the skilled, daring, drunk, or stupid need apply…

The beautiful thing about this event is that it’s on private property and there is just as much entertainment off stage as there is on. You could be sitting there contemplating the meaning of life; then, out of nowhere, a naked girl on a motorcycle slowly rolls by, waves, then throws you some beads. WHOA! Whatever I’m drinking, I’ll have another. Avenue of the Giants National Forest as well as Shelter Cove are both within an hour or two of riding distance; great options if you feel like getting in the wind.

Many of the riders at this event travel 600 miles or more to attend. It was 779 miles one way for my crew. Part of the lure to this event is that it is an old school camping trip. All the bikes rolling in are strapped down with everything from ice chest to lounge chairs – tents to fishing poles. It is a pretty cool sight to see.

As beautiful as the area is, much of it can be enjoyed on site at the Riverview Ranch facility without ever leaving once you have arrived. The creek that runs along the granite face behind the stage is great for swimming when the heat kicks up over 100 degrees. There are hot showers and plenty of outhouse facilities.

I have to thank Lawrence Browne and Trevor Yee of Sideways Cycle for some of the photos. (mine were s#!t) Also want to give a shout out to all the Redwood Run staff who treated every individual like a friend. With the line- up of bands, good people, good food, and hospitable service, this run has become an annual regular on my list.

Hope to see you there in 2016. Until then – Ride Safe – See you on the Road.

Mike Joseph, Section 8 Cycle Supply