Rally in the Alley

By Mike Cupp

Hogs and Heifers Saloon in Las Vegas is known for their drinks, but more notably for their scantily clad bartenders dancing on bars between pours.  Normally, they do this inside the saloon, but when they move it outdoors, you know you’re in for one heck of a party.  In fact, the event was expected to be so large this year, that they had to move it down the street to the bus depot behind the Mob Museum.  This gave them room to add more vendors (30+) and build a massive outdoor bar for the ladies to do their dancing.  

They held bike shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The first show on Thursday was Ricky Bongos’ Chopper Show, presented by USA Parts Co.  The show attracted some very nice choppers and Best of Show was won by Frank “The Rat” Romero, with his daily-ridden  1973 H-D custom (see the full feature at the end of this story).  Friday’s show was titled Babes in the Alley and was presented by Sin City Moto Girls, and sponsored by Evil Empire Designs and Fab 28 Industries.  This was a ladies-only, ride-in bike show that had a great turnout and a wide variety of bikes from dual-sports to baggers. I was impressed not only by the quality of the bikes, but the passion that the women showed towards them.  Finally, the FXR-Dyna Motorcycle Show presented by V-Twin Visionaries was held on Saturday. This final show brought out over thirty great bikes, built by some talented folks.  

In addition to the vendors and bike shows, they pulled in three tasty food trucks and also brought in five tattoo artists, who were set up inside the air-conditioned bus depot.  Appointments for tattoos filled up fast and the buzzing sound of tattoo guns filled the building.  I saw some nice flash and tried to book an appointment, but there were no more time slots available. Since the venue was much larger than last year, several smaller bars were set up throughout the area, so you were never far from getting a cold drink or seeing a beautiful bartender.  Speaking of beautiful bartenders, did I mention that they were sassy to boot.  A group of men wearing golf attire showed up on Saturday and the ladies let them have it.  Those were easy targets at a biker rally, and the bartenders were just as quick with barbs and insults as they were at slinging booze.  Just the way everyone loves it at Hogs & Heifers.

The best part of going to rallies is meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  We started off catching up with some of our old friends.  Michael Snyder from Leather Headquarters was there, manning one of the largest booths at the rally, with tons of leather, patches and accessories to help you ride safe and in style.  We ALWAYS find something that we like there.  In fact, we visited the retail shop a bit later to get some early Christmas shopping done.  Ricky Bongos showed us the latest USA-made parts from his USA Parts Co, and hooked us up on the late night party scene in Las Vegas.  We met many new friends, but one that stuck out was Scott Huffman from HMF Industries.  He brought several show bikes that were very well received.  The level of detail was amazing.  One bike had a “barber-shop” theme and included a leather strop, scissors and a barber pole worked into the seat. 

We had a great time at Hogs & Heifers Rally in the Alley and want to thank Hogs & Heifers for hosting the event and a big thanks to the title sponsors: Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Trip Ink Tattoo and Hytiva Cannabis on Demand.

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