Rally in the Alley Hosts Quick Throttle Celebrity Meet & Greet

By Dana Lee “Irish Flame” Fruend

It is Saturday afternoon, October 13th, and I am off to Las Vegas! My assignment is only for one day. As a Nevada girl it only took me two hours and twenty minutes to travel from Caliente, NV to Las Vegas on the scenic and beautiful Highway 93! As I arrive downtown, I hear live music playing down the street and Whoa, it is busy here!

I headed over to my first assignment of the evening, the Quick Throttle Meet & Greet, held during the Rally in the Alley Party, hosted by Hogs & Heifers Saloon. I had made arrangements to meet up with my friend, actor, businessman and Las Vegas resident, Mike Michaels, aka “Big Heat.” Mike knows bikes, the downtown and so many of the business owners here.

Rock ‘N Roli Szabo

Next, Mike helps me get with Hogs & Heifers Events Manager Penny Osiecki and she shows me where our QT location is. She welcomes me, sets me up with my Rally in the Alley Media Pass, and boom, a VIP wristband. What a wonderful welcome and hospitality! Penny then helps our Publisher Mike Cupp and the Quick Throttle crew get set up. My friend Mike sees Michelle Dell, owner of the Hogs & Heifers and introduces me to her. What a fun and stylish gal she is, of course I take a quick pic!

Michelle and Mike Michaels aka “Big Heat”

The QT Meet & Greet is with popular and beloved celebrity Rock N Roli Szabo, as seen on Counting Cars. Szabo is a talented vehicle detail artist, businessman and a very kind person. He is originally from Szeksz’ard, Hungary, and moved to Las Vegas in 2005. After we set up our table and magazines, I got to chat with Roli himself.

I asked him what he likes best about living in Las Vegas. He said, in his charming Hungarian accent, “I love the sunny weather here! It makes for a happy mood and makes everything look shiny, clean and beautiful!” Then I asked him if he rides a motorcycle and with a big smile he said, “I ride a 2007 Road King and have my electric car in my garage, very fun!”

Szabo is married to a beautiful lady named Tiffini and is a dedicated family man. He expressed how much he loves the people here and is working hard, growing his detailing business and makes time for meet & greets like this one. The crowds here are fun and people stopped by to meet Roli, take pictures and he enthusiastically signed autographs. Roli has a strong following here; many of his area friends came by to say hello too.

As I look around, Hogs & Heifers is hopping! They had put up an outdoor bar that was packed and the H&H girls were pouring drinks, singing and dancing on the bar, they were darn good too! We see there are incredible bikes parked on the street for the bike shows and lots of cool vendors.

It was inspiring to see such great causes like the LOVE, HOPE, STRENGTH Foundation being supported by Hogs & Heifers. I was a bit old to qualify for a bone marrow swab, but my friend Mike Michaels signed up as a potential donor. We stopped at a few other great causes like bikerdown.org, and several veterans causes’ booths.

We both were admiring the baggers, custom choppers and street bikes all lined up at the Rally in the Alley. I asked Mike if he rode his bike over; he did! Mike has a silver 2008 Heritage Softail with a vintage western saddle seat, longshot exhaust and shiny chrome extras. Here out west, it is a cool chrome pony!


    Hogs & Heifers Rally in the Alley was a great setting for Quick Throttle’s Meet & Greet with friends old and new!

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